Player that played with the most teams?

After seeing Rodriguez sign with his fifth different team in four seasons, I was wondering what the record is for the player who has played for the most CFL franchises. I can think of three that are tied at six apiece:

Damon Allen: Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Memphis, BC, Toronto
Matt Dunigan: Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Winnipeg, Birmingham, Hamilton
Jason Armstead: Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton

Can anyone else think of a player who played for at least six teams?

Elfrid Payton: Blue Bombers, Shreveport, Baltimore, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton.

I have played with a great many teams. More than I can begin to name :slight_smile:

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i think payton has played for the most teams

Playing for six teams is nothing.... try owning three. Right Mr. Braley? :rockin:

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