Player Selection

Disagreements, points of interest? Personally I'm a little bit annoyed with Justin being selected over Bradley as our CB, and I'm frustrated with Yeast being selected over Ralph. If we weren't going to use Ralph, why the hell did we sign him to a contract?

After what he did in training camp, why isnt even even in our starting lineup?

I have to agree with you Pseudo, I haven't been too impressed with Justin so far and thought Bradley has performed well every chance he has gotten onto the field.

If Peterson doesn't perform well I think Ralph will be a quick replacement at WR.

Noticed the team is starting 9 Canadians.

Hope Brooks gets to see some action.

Hoping not to sound 'politically correct' here, but with the talent level on this year's team, even a 3rd spot on the depth chart is a major 'feather in the cap'.

Everyone will get their chance to show their stuff this year I suspect....

I only wish they'd give me a :lol:

I'd even take the "Gatorade shuttle guy" job if I could.... :wink:

i heard they were considering you until they saw your '40 time'

yeah.....I think Ron Lancaster tore my application up after he saw my less than blazing 'speed'.... :oops:


When you said you liked to cruise around during a game you weren't kidding.

I for one am suprised that BOTH Bradley and Kornegay are backups. i figured at least one of them would be starting.

which, as i see it, can only be good news about Cody's improved coverage and already hard hits. AND that Justin has rebounded from a weak 2005, and gone back to the quality of play we were starting to witness late in the 2004 season. Big fan of both!

Ya I really don't understand how Bradley is not starting. They start Tay Cody over Bradley give me a break. Last season Cody got burned on every other passing play, all Bradley has done is impress us and they start Cody. I wouldn't mind if Airabin Justin started over him because he has been a proven Corner Back over the years. But Cody? I really don't understand that move but hey once the coaches see Cody get burned over and over they will soon start Bradley.

Also, a little surprised that there are only two backups on the OLine dressing for tomorrow's game (Felice and Donnelly)

AND a pleasant surprise in that DeVonte Peterson beat out Mario Fatafehi. good news for our Dline.

Other than that, no big surprises. except for maybe Brooks not starting, and Brock Ralph being listed as a SB and not a WR.

that's all from espo for now...

i agree with regards to the whole ralph thing. Other than that, i am not surprised at all.
Devonte Peterson will beat out fatfehi, because he is a great player. I see him running all over the field een of special teams...remember Stokes, and has started for the last two years! He knows the game. As for Brooks, auggy obvioiusly has continued to prove that it is his job.