As a fan from south of the border I am just curious as to how much money CFL players are making. Is there a league minimum? What do the highest paid players make? Thanks for any responses. :roll:

I don’t have real numbers but 100,000 a season is a lot! After a career in the CFL you don’t usualy have enough $ to retire.
Glad to see an American enjoying this game of ours.

I think the league minimum is like 40g (Cdn)

they dont have enough to retire cuz they spend money like an NFL player. but yeah…i think the salaries should raised as seeing everyone isnt listening to the Cap.

In the NFL you have a Cap. In the CFL we have a Floor. If only I was kidding.

Printers wants 1.5 million for three years and the lions offered 1 million. Dickenson is pissed. Both are QB’s for the BC Lions

how much is Dickenson making anyway?.. i dont think that Printers should get paid any more then Dave

Didn’t John Avery sign for around 1 million for 4 years or something like that in Toronto. It is tough sometimes because it isn’t always the norm in the CFL to hear what salaries are being paid. Eskimos team policy is to not release any details when signing players.

Avery took a pay cut after last year but yes, originally he signed for 250 000 anually.

Like CM noted I think a rostered player minimum is like 40K, but a practice squad player makes tops like 25K and usually has to have a second job just to survive. League average is going to be around 75K, sumtin like that.

Yes but I find it ironic that Bob Young is starting to talk about ‘personal services’ contracts. This is in regards to the Flutie brothers. He wants to offer Doug 250,000 base then try to drum up an additional 500,000 from businesses etc… for endorsements. This is too much like the personal services contracts that almost killed the league.

Last I heard the min salary was 28K. As for teams not respecting the cap, I would like see someone produce a list of the players of any team and what each player makes. Everyone says that such and such a team doesn’t respect the cap but put something on the table and prove it. Never will you hear from the media or team what a player has signed for, They will always say “as per CFL regulations the salary was not disclosed but it is rumored to be X$” So put some figures on the table and then talk about the cap.

Min salary was $37 K last year.