Player salaries by team.

Does anyone actually have this information?

EE you had me going there. I thought by the title of your thread you were giving US the info. :frowning:

…and it’s pretty doubtful you’ll ever get this info…even the inside guys at TSN or Sportsnet won’t have this exact info, although they might be able to compile a rough list…remember EE, it’s a business first, form of entertainment second…

Back in the 80’s and/or early 90’s we used to get a salary list, but it was after the season was over. It di also list bonuses. However, when the max salary was $150,000 for a QB, none were listed above this, so obviously side deals were not included. I mention this only because it may still be possible for the media to get the salaries listed with them, if anyone cares to pursue this.

If no one knows how much each team is spending why are so many people crying about Eskies going over the cap when for all we know all the teams are doing it, including the Riders.

I mean, if Winnipeg admits to it, then surely the RIders too can afford to go over.

If you want an idea of salary, take the cap and multiply it by the given nuber for the folowing teams
Winn 1.75
Sask 1.5
Ott 1.5
To 2.5
Mtl 2.0
BC 2.0
EDM 2.0
Cal 2.5

thats about where most of the teams go.

Where did you get this formula?

Or are you saying in a roundabout way that all teams are violating the cap to some degree?

It was satyrical. Well partially.
Wright said that last year every team was well over hte cap. And I believe it.

Wow Wbbfa…thats a pretty ridiculous assumption…since the Riders couldn’t even AFFORD going over the cap…Where did you get these numbers??

…And where did you find this fact that Wright said that every team was well over the cap…I also read that the only teams under the cap were winnipeg and Sask!!

…You also fogot about Hamilton’s “apparent” formula. Judging by your numbers, they must be tripling the cap??