Player(s) of the game

im going to say jesse lumsden for sure. sandy bevridge made some excellent plays. maas did alright. mckay was a beast and moreno was also.

armour was all around the ball too. but besides jessie i'd say maas,mckay and armour.

  1. Jesse Lumsden
  2. Nautyn McKay Loescher
    3.Jojuan Armour
  3. Jason Maas
  4. Zeke moreno

those are my top 5 candidates in order :slight_smile:

Lumsden and Maas

Lumsden and Armour.. but to be fair, a LOT of guys stepped up and played hard and they all deserve a lot of credit.

1 Jesse
2 Armour
3 Maas
4 mckay
5 Bevridge
Also Jesse for the cfl player of the week (jason maas honorable mention) and canadian player of the week (maybe the cfl will have to have an american player of the week if Jesse keeps this up) and Armour for defensive player of the week

Lumsden (honourable mention to Maas)

Moreno (honourable mention to Armour)

I'm happy to say that it's so hard to choose this week.

Lumsden get the nod for offensive (HM to Maas)
The receivers all stepped up too.

Defensive player is such a hard one to come up with just one name.

Moreno, Armour, Beveridge and NML could all get the nod and I wouldn't be upset by it. Lawrence Gordon also had a great game.