player return from 9 game list

does any one know when we can start to expect some players back from the 9 game injured list. A few of them would maybe make a difference in how things are working out. So a little help please if anyone knows anything.

Pretty sure they were all put on it before the season started, so, after 9 games would be my guess.

Ok smarty pants, does the 9 game include play off games, and the bye week, or is it games played by the team in the regular season. And can you bring some one off the 9 game list early?

I believe that the bye week does not count, so the earliest will be after Labour Day. Unless they decide to take someone off. They are allowed to take one person of the list per half of the season I believe. However if you take the person off, their whole salary would count against the cap. I highly doubt we will do it for one game.

Congi was hurt 10 months ago. If he is not ready yet, he probably never will be. If he is ready but the team is nickel and diming the salary issue, then the team is stupid.

I'm not sure about that. Different injuries take different amounts of time to heal. Congi's was pretty severe. I was back running around 2 months after my knee surgery, but my doctor tells me it will be a year till I run around after my current injury (broken fibula, dislocated ankle). :cry:

the person i want to see back from the 9game is Bagg... I hope he hasn't lost any of his illusive bursty speed.

good luck.
week 16 at best.

To bad the cracker jack staff at the leaderpost dont think af updating us on this issue. They are too busy recycling the same comments, article after article

Bagg tore his ACL just before training camp, it's highly unlikely he will even be back this year. There is no need to risk his career.

I find it strange how little information their has been on Luca Congi. Even right after he was injured their was not much written about his injury. It's obvious how important he is to the Riders.

Koch will likely be back for the Banjo bowl, and I think he and Congi are the only guys were likely to see back anytime soon. Bagg's injury was serious and I think best case would be end of the season/playoffs if we even qualify.

Bagg has been been at practices for about 2 weeks, with wrapped hand, but getting his conditioning up and ensuring he was up to speed on the O.

Congi has apparently been kicking for a couple weeks, taking more and more reps.

you mean Koch right?

Yes... Sorry

There is a transactions page that tells when each injured list player is due to come off the list:

Unless I am really missing something, that tells you when they are injured, and you can figure out when their 9 games are up, BUT I think most of us are more interested in how this works with these guys because they were injured PRIOR to regular season, so it is unclear if the 9g rules apply

You’re missing something. When players are transferred to “injured,” it does state after that when they are transferred there until. You just have to look through the transactions for 2011 to see which apply. For example, from July:

TRF TO INJURED IMP Hugh CHARLES (RB) Colorado - to Friday July 15
TRF TO INJURED IMP Ernie WHEELWRIGHT (WR) Minnesota - Friday September 16^^

so if players such as koch and conji come back prior to sept 10 their full season salary is subject to cap. that just plain old sucks seeing as they were out prior to season start

I don't have proof, but I assume you're right. And I agree with you about the sucking part.