Player Profiles

You know what would be a great feature to the Tiger-Cats' vid section on Letting fans know some of the players who come from areas we don't hear a lot about. I can't tell you how many times I've watched games and wondered what life is like from where some of these players came. I'm familiar with many parts of Canada and associated players in general terms, but not the States...especially the Southern ones. They are exposed to our culture and often adapt to our sociey. It would be nice to see their side of the world with a little more depth. I'd like to see their neighbourhoods; where they played ball as kids, high school, university/college. Who influenced them, who inspired them, what is life like from where they came?
I do realize there is a cost factor.
I've recently figured that since I'm paying out my own money towards the billion dollar Pan Am Games, I'd like to get a little more back besides a seat back and more expensive prices/taxes. Not my reason for posting, but not feeling any guilt over it either.

I think this is a great idea. :thup:

I am all for it. There is more to football then the game. I enjoying reading about the different players and how they got here.