Player Profile Thread

Thought it would be useful to start a thread where we could post links to color pieces and profiles on Als players. This week, RDS has a nice piece up on Georgia boy Corvey Irwin: ... -1.2501513

Touching story, and a reminder of how much these guys sacrifice just for the chance to be able to play pro football. Training, recovering from injury, giving it all on the field, getting cut, packing up and moving again, being a nomad all over the continent with no guarantees, all to be considered "too old" for the No Fun League at age 29 (in Irwin's case).

Excellente idée! :rockin:

Agh, it’s Corvey Irvin, not Irwin. My dyslexia strikes again. :lol:

Eh? It appears to me that you have spelled "dyslexia" correctly. :smiley:


Waht's dyslexia ?

Si vuos puevoz lrie ce txete snas torp de difucitlé, il est cliar que vuos n'êets pas dilsyuxeqe.

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C'est plus difficile quand ce n'est pas notre langue maternelle, cependant.

Here`s an English equivalent to what LeStaf posted:

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As for tonight: OG LAS OG!

I"m ok ! :rockin:

DP: Thanks for putting this French media on this website. It really helps those anglos like myself who are not bilingual. This season it appears there is more action from the French media than in earlier years. This has to be good news for the team and hopefully for attendance at games. Radio Canada TV has been active in the past few seasons bringing the games from Laval to Ontariol fans. Its a real plus for Montreal especially now that the team has so many native Quebecois players on their roster.I was very pleased that the U of M team were the Canadian CIS champs last season.

L'amélioration des programmes de football universitaire canadien, où qu'ils soient, est une bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de football canadien. Je suis surtout heureux de voir qu'un nombre croissant de joueurs canadiens peuvent faire la différences dans des parties. Ils occupent des postes qu'ils n'ont pas volé et ils n'ont pas à pâlir de leurs performances à côté de leurs vis-à-vis américains.

Que ce soit à Montréal, Regina, Hamilton où n'importe où, il est souhaitable et agréable que le talent local puisse évoluer à la maison.