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Hi All, it's been a while since I've posted an update on the player photo archive. There are currently over 3600 photos online from 1959-2007.

I need some help with the ID of a player. This photo is from a game in Ottawa 1987. Anyone know who this player is?

Thanks for any help.

looks like Daniel Payne, but he didn't play for them in 87.

The guy behind him #69 is Scott Redl. I believe #7 behind them is QB Bernard Quarles.

I wanna say the guy's name is Henry ... man I should know this.

#7 as Quarels does make sense, but he only played in 1986 for the Riders didn't he?

if it was 86 is was Jeff Inglis, but man, that looks like Daniel Payne. I really don't think that is am 87 pic...unless it is like preseason or something.

All my stuff is packed away in my Dad's garage. If I dug through that I know that I have team photos from 1987, and I think I even have player cards. I also have somewhere a Riders media guide from mid 2000s with an all-time roster in the back with numbers, positions, and years played. Next time that I get out there I could dig for it and get it for you.

Unless that 7 is a 1, then it would be Jeff Bentrim. but I'm pretty sure that's a 7. I don't remember specifically what year Quarles played, but I always thought that he played after Bentrim got hurt and before Austin arrived, which would make it 87. Not exactly sure though.

there were no QB's with #7 in 87.

Kent Austin, Tom Burgess and Jeff Bentrim.

so it's likely a #1.

you know what annoys me?

you can't go and search the internet for a Teams roster from a particular season! or their stats!

I type in Saskatchewan Roughriders Roster for 1987 and nothing!

except this one that doesn't even have everyone! which is a waste of time

I think the photo is 86 then, because if that QB is a 7, it's Quarles. The guy who wore 7 after that was probably Richie Hall. But those unis were 85 to I think 88. They changed the shape of the numerals (and the name font) halfway through 88 or 89.

Unless it is a preseason game. x-division preseason games were exceedingly rare but they did happen from time to time.

Richie Hall was there in 87, and he of course wore 7. so it's a #1.

Then I submit that the photo is from 1986 and that is Quarles.

The 1985 QBs were #6 Paopao (got hurt week 5), Homer Jordan #8 and #9 Harold Smith. And Homer Jordan started the game in Ottawa that year I'm quite sure losing 17-4.

and the answer?

#51 - Ken Moore


Thanks for all the help, as usual you guys have come through again. I went back through, and the negative strip was filed with 1987, it was from 1986. Making it Jeff Inglis. Over the years negs have been moved all over, mostly from when I was shooting the JOGO cards.

If you're looking for year rosters of the majority of players that played in the CFL, have a look at Some of the jersey numbers are incorrect, but considering the work that has gone into this site, I'm not surprised.

Thanks again.



Moore wore it in 1985… but then wore 64 and 74 as well… as he played a few positions…

I've been running into players wearing different numbers during the same season, some players will wear a different number for one game, depending on the position, and then there are the games where a player only plays one game in his career and I have a picture of him. Without the game day program it's almost impossible to ID him. I get it alot for pre-season games. In 1960 my Dad shot all the Ottawa Rough Riders during training camp, some players are wearing the same numbers, I think all they did was rotate the jersey's. Unless I recognize the face I have no way of knowing who they are.

Why would Hall be on O? This is definitely offensive blocking.

Yeah, ther were a few players in that time frame that wore 51.

You will at times see a player wear different #s in 1 game depending on how they are lining up. The league has, thank god, become a lot more lenient in this regard in the last decade or so,

Interesting, I had come across him as being #51 in 86 (was dressed like 3 games) but the old card of his I referenced it did not look like him at all.

I have Jeff Inglis wearing #51 for Toronto in 1986 as well. He played 3 games in Saskatchewan and 11 games in Toronto.

I have another puzzler. Who is this QB from 1985? It was a game in Ottawa

odd # for a QB. i'll check