Player Of The Year

The D has Defensive Player of the Year
The O does not...they have Player of the Year.

The league needs to either add a category for the O and let the winners go head to head, drop the D award and let all compete for the one, or they need to change the name on the Player of the Year award so it represents the O...this perpetual debate is ridiculous.

I tend to agree with this. If a defensive player wins the MOP, then that player MUST also win the ODP.

There should be an award for outstanding offensive player. Personally, I would replace the MOP with the OOP (I guess they can think of a better acronym for it) award.

I like the idea of a Player of the Year award. I would like to see the O & D Outstanding Player and either your idea of a Player of the Year or an MVP.

I agree. It’s stupid when teams nominate say a Rookie as their MoP but not as their top Rookie for instance.

Here’s how I would do it. Break it down by position.

Top O-lineman
Top QB
Top RB
Top Receiver (wideout, slot etc)
(TEs could be decided to be included as Recs or RBs)

Then Top Offensive player MUST be one of these 4 guys.

Top D-lineman
Top LB
Top DB

Then Top Defensive Player MUST be one of these 3 guys.

Top Kicker (PK and Punter)
Top Returner
Top Coverage

Then Top ST Player MUST be one of these 3 guys.

Then MoP MUST be one of either Top offensive, Defensive or ST Player (with the possible exception of someone being 2nd or 3rd best in multiple categories - which would pretty much have to be a guy like Chad Owens as a receiver and returner).