Player of the week

Who do you think will be the players of the week?

offence-Stegall runners up-roberts and simon

defence-simpson or perry runners up-evans or bean

lineman-perry or walls/canada runners up-walls/canada khan

special teams-westwood runner up-deangelis

thats just my guess

Thats pretty accurate, good job pegcity…

thanks...lots of bomber names up there cuz u gotta give credit to players who totally manhandle a team

Offence: Robert Edwards (2 fourth quarter rushing TDs for come from behind victory in Eskimo lair)

Defence: Fred Perry (sack machine! knocked Burris three time on his arse, added pressure and key tackles).

Lineman: Gavin Walls or Tom Canada

Special: Etienne Boulay

well i think theyd go for a guy that had about 160 receiving yards over 2 tds and 99 yards, seeing how both teams got a victory

special teams will be westwood because he had 51 yard punting average, and was 2 for 2 field goals

everything else i agree on

Ok for Westwood, but I'd still give Edwards the nod. Because take off Stegall two TDs and the Bombers would still have won the game. But Edwards was the diference maker in the Als winning or losing the game.

Plus, not only did Edwards got 99 yards on the ground, he got 20 off the air. So for a 40 yards difference, I give the honour to the one who won the game by himself.

I really am not taking anything away from Stegall, but that's my reasoning...

Offence - Stegal
Defence - Perry
Lineman - Walls
Special - Westwood.

Offence Star: Joe Smith - over 100 combined yards, 3 rushing TD’s, great pass blocking, kick returner in dominating win…6 TD’s in two games…

Defence Star: CO-WINNERS! Javier Glatt - 2 INT’s, Sack, Tackles, ect…and Brent Johnson - 2 Sacks added to league leading total, Tackles, held D. Allen offence to 8 points for big win.

That Joe Smith sure is something! Good thing I took a risk on him for the FSN fantasy pool last week, it sure payed off!

ok, i see where ur comming im just gunna say that stegall will get the offesive POV but the voters will take a serious look at edwards...look at it this way--stegall is 36 and is dominating the league rite now..enough said

well..i was 3/4 of my players of the week..thats not too bad, considering i totally forgot about runners up however were not even close as there were some unanumous selections