Player of the Week

Just an early suggestion for player of the week. Charles Roberts for his 4th 1000+ yard season in a row for the Blue (125 yds last night) and Walls on D for a pic and a fumble recovery both for TD's. Hon. Mention to John Ryan for his continued success with keeping up his average and rushing for 11 yds on a botched snap to get a first down.

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I think it's way too early to mention players of the week. Still 3 more games to be played this week.

Relax....that why I said "Just an EARLY suggestion". You can't deny that Walls on D will probably make defensive player of the week. 2 touchdowns.......need I say more?

must be winnipeg BB fans :roll: a lil early on draw :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: ask after all the games r done :wink:

What is wrong with the bomber boys on here! They think that is a milestone!
Although he is one bright spot on that team. And of course the stegal man!

where do you get these animations R&W?

You like bomber man do you!

Wait till the Lions play before you mention players of the week :wink:

He would be my far!