Player of the week travesty

How Nik Lewis was chosen over Arkee Whitlock simply defies logic. Whitlock not only had more offensive yards than Lewis but the simple fact that Whitlock scored 3 touchdowns as opposed to a big fat 0 for Lewis has to be enough for even Stamps fans to agree. So Lewis threw a block, the selection panel must be on drugs, it is the only logical explaination.

Hmm. I didn't even notice, but you're right. That is a bit of a crock. I'd say Whitlock was more instrumental in Edmonton's win than lewis was in Calgary's. Oh well. The more important award is the W, which we got.

I agree, but then again makes as much sense as the Keith Shologan TD being play of the week when all he did was catch and 4 yard lob and still almost dropped it. Was special cause he was a DL :roll:

Agreed but he didnt almost drop it, it was a sure handed catch

Whitlock definitely deserved the award over Lewis.

I was very suprised that Lewis beat out Whitlock.

just a Hamilton Fan, bitter...

Bitter? Riders are my second favourite team!! But seriously. How can that be the play of the week? It was an ok play AT BEST. There were so many more deserving plays, that shouldn't have even made the poll.

It was likely the back story of Shologon that got him the award more than the actual play which wasn't anything spectacular. TSN ran a piece on his family earlier that week and the loss of his younger sisters, probably why he won it.

the play may not have been spectacular but it was creative and unexpected and executed flawlessly

That play was anything but "creative." Every team has that exact same play in their playbook. They don't run it often, but when they do it's always in that situation, where the guy is in the end zone when he makes (or attempts) the catch. (That way there's no danger of a fumble.) They ran it well, and it worked. Good for them. But "creative"? Hardly.

As for player of the week/play of the week/highlight of the night blah, blah, blah. I used to get all worked up about that, but then I just started to think, who cares? It's all meaningless. All that matters are wins and losses. Winning a game and then complaining about not getting "Player of the Week" is like being given a brand new car and complaining that they didn't fill the gas tank.

Be a bit like a team winning a Grey Cup and whining about not winning some individual awards.

But no, no team would do that, right?

Exactly what I said, BigDave. Sure it sucks that Whitlock didn't get the nod, but we got the W. Lewis can have the award. I'd rather have the win than sweep the Players of the Week awards.

You wouldn't be talkin about Burris would ya? :wink: Naaaa!

I thought it was DeAngelis...?

I've never been given a car but when I buy a car if they don't fill up the tank I threaten to pull out of the deal.

They always fill the tank. Nobody should ever buy a car without a full tank.