Player of the week/month reward.

Anyone know........ if a player wins POW or POM award if there is any monetary renumeration from the league ? I suspect if he has it built into his contract by his team he might get something but if not , then is it only a high five and a pat on the back from the CFL ?

Not sure, I can tell you that they used to give players an engraved watch for the POW. I doubt there is any monetary value to the award but there may be some bonus money.

Bragging rights, so to speak

Game gladiators used to get the watches

Not sure about Game Gladiators but I can guarantee that the CFL used to present Player of the Week watches. I am holding one in my hand at this moment. It says on the front "Canadian Football League - Player of the Week" On the back is the players name, the award (this one is the offensive POW) and the week the award was presented. A gift from a friend who has several.

Could be that they hand em out now or some time in the distant past.

The Gladiator was a Movado watch, and are very nice.

The one I have is from 2007, it is made by the same company that makes many of the Grey Cup rings, whether it is of any value is hard to say.

I remember the Gladiator thing. That used to be given out during Friday Night Football, if I remember correctly.

As for weekly and monthly awards, I think I'd prefer cash over a watch.

Cfleskfan, can you post a picture? Not that I don't believe you, I'm just curious. :thup: