Player of the Week Awards

I looked over the player of the week awards so far this year and noticed no Riders. I thought "gee, for a 3-0 team to not have any awards, it seems kind of odd".

Then I looked at some of the stats and realized that while the team has been solid, there have been no real game-long over the top performances this year. For the most part the wins have come as a result of each part of the team )offence, defence and special teams) carrying their weight when the time came.

To me that is a good sign. No extreme highs, no extreme lows. Just a solid workmanlike attitude throughout with different players stepping up at different times and coming through in the crunch. I would have to say I like what I am seeing so far.

The team has been playing solid as a unit. There have been a few players that could have been runner up like Cates and Dressler/Durant.

The current Riders remind me alot of the Lions of the last decade. A power house deep in talent. Remember player stats mean nothing - just wins. And with that the Rider’s play is speaking for itself

Yeah, player stats are overrated. When my Als won in 2002, it was a team concept from offense to defense to special teams. You guys look pretty strong this year and should be slugging it out with Calgary to see who goes to the Grey Cup final.

I'd rather have the TEAM playing well, as a unit, then having indivduals standing on their heads, while someone else is struggling!!