Player Of last nights Game

Lawerence Gordon!!!

what a game by the rookie! Ray Challenged him early and he came up with a pick & had another one go in and out of hes hands. He was dominate on defence. Maas played well and Peterson accually played which was shocking & Lumsden had a great game back but Lawerence Gordon player of the game in my books. Great play Rook

A lot of guys stepped up last night (again) but Gordon was especially fun to watch.

Ray wanted to test him and tried so many times but Gordon held his own quite nicely, well enough even to take the spotlight off his early facemasking call.

Gordon played awesome, a real gamer. But as you say, others played great as well as the entire defense and offense. Nice to see Peterson step it up after not going hard for a ball in the first quarter I think it was, he has to run out all the plays, that ball landed in the field of play. But good turnaround Kamau.

Gordon played very well, but the real player of the game was Jason Maas. He finally looked like the guy we traded for.

I'll tell you who WASN'T the player of the game...

Jamie Boreham.

38 yard field goals are not long field goals!

So freakin' amazing. Our defense is really coming into it's own.

Gordon and the whole secondary played awesome. The O Line deserves a ton of credit too though. This inexperienced group played like they had been together all year. Limited penalties, no sacks, and they shot out nicely on hitch passes to Flick and the screen to Jesse.

Football, the ULTIMATE team sport ... the reason why I will NEVER vote for the Rogers PLAYER of the game, or EVER SUPPORT the notion of SINGLING out a player in victory.

The DEFENSE as a UNIT played well tonight ... even Shaw played decently. I'm stll (as are the opposing offenses) UNDERWHELMED by their pass rush, but the secondary is making them feel pretty good about themselves.

The OFFENSE, with the LINE playing MUCH IMPROVED - played pretty efficiently. Through black and gold colored glasses, one COULD argue Maas looked half decent, however, I'll wait for the band wagon to come around again before I jump on. Jesse was more than GAME last night. He ran with AUTHORITY and moved the chains when asked. Peterson, even with is Jekyl and Hyde impersonation, played pretty well. Twas nice to see DJ get some yards tonight.

Overall, a GREAT WIN on the ROAD in Commonwealth, and one of the more COMPLETE efforts, to date. As such, I won't rain on the PARADE, EXCEPT to say that Edmonton was a little RIPE for the PICKING.

Hopefully some of this recent SUCCESS will bouy the boys with a litte self confidence. They will NEED it ALL next week against the Senior Cats.



The old Boreham would have gone 2/5 and Cats would have lost 18 - 17.

Now if only we can get an old quarterback to direct 5 touchdowns and we would only need the new Boreham to go 1/2.

Where would we have been if Boreham had missed the flight out west, and been stuck home? His contribution was a valuable makeup for failure.

Wow, that Lawrence Gordon was fun and exciting to watch. Notice how he was getting beat on the route, then he showed tremendous speed to get back in to knock the ball away or know, later in the game as his confidence grew, it almost looked as if he was baiting the quarterback by offering false room to the reciever only to come down hard?? ...........sign of a good corner!

to quote Kim Mitchell…“Damn, I wish I wrote That” :thup: :thup:


Aside from Gordon, I must say that Pederson played suprizingly well. Generally hes about average but he seemed to have stepped up his game more so last night. His drops frustrate me, but he really did pull up his socks lst night. Kudos to him.

I agree with Woody, Meanstreak. Excellent post.

I did think that Maas was better than "half decent" last night. If he continues to play that well I think that the rest of the O will gain confidence in him. This will lead to the dominating TD scoring team that a lot of us were expecting this year.

I’m with you dude … Boreham scares me :roll: