Player names on jerseys

Did I miss something or are the teams to cheap to put names on the jerseys ???? :thdn:

I believe the teams are wearing their retro jerseys. But I agree, I don't like not being able to see the names.

yep, to save money some teams are wearing old jersies and doing away with player names...

If you are too dumb to know the # on the jersey's associated to each player...maybe you shouldn't be watching the game !

Why would it be "dumb" to not know the numbers associated with every player on a team a person doesn't watch all the time? That was a mildly to moderately ridiculous statement there, XGamer...

A CFL fan should at least know the main players on each team…anyway that guy was “trolling”…

If you are not happy with my answer Mr.Moderator…you know what to do !

That's being mildly to moderately generous.

Ms. Moderator, thanks, and I'm not doing anything with that comment, other than commenting on it...nor do I necessarily know the numbers of the "main players" on the teams, but I do know enough to get by without the name plates, as annoying as it was to not see them...

Anyways, to answer goforsoda1's question, my understanding was that this was part of the "retro" feel - in the 50's, there were no names on jerseys so there would be no names on the retro jerseys for the retro games. Nothing more sinister than that.'s a "retro" game...annoying or not, a retro game must have the same "feel" than 50 years ago !

Looks like some people are not getting the Retro concept !

I get the "retro concept," I just don't care for it...

Aside from the horrid unis of the Argos, the retro concept isnt too bad an idea. I would like to see them go back maybe to the early to mid 70's with the look though. The unis of the Tabbies were great, as well as most of the other teams in the league. Maybe Sask could wear an Ottawa retro-uni, seeing as they are the only Roughriders left... :wink:

I hope that the CFL does away with this retro concept. I consider myself an avid Montreal fan yet Ican not remember all the players numbers. With respect to other teams, I can only remember a few of the elite players. This idea of a retro game is silly. I don't like the retro look and, I do not recognize many of the players. I like the 08 team colors and uniforms. CFL will you please get rid of this stupid retro concept.

I'm not sure if the retro concept does much to attract new fans. I've heard more than a few disparaging remarks especially towards the Argos retro uniforms. That blue was just too girlish. At the very least leave the nametags in place. I need them.

Forget those hideous retro jerseys, or a least the Argo's sick powder blue ones. AND if the league truly want to represent the retro era by NOT having names then for shiet sakes lose the rona and nissan patches too.

I didn't think there was anything on this planet that could make those Argo's jerseys look any worse......... I was wrong. Add a couple of license plate size rona and nissan patches and that'll do er.

The Montreal unis in the 70's were horrible. Id' rather they stick to the 50's and make it a league wide event. Although I am note sure the lions were around in the 50's.

Everyone's entitlted to their own opinion, I think the Al's jerseys from the '70's (the blue ones with the red sleeves and white stripe seperating them, NOT the green ones from the early '70's).
But you should get your facts straight, B.C. Lions started playing in '54, so they had a team for most of the '50's.

I was thinking of the green unis for Mtl. Saw pictures of them last week end and had a bad flashback.

Well thanks for letting me know when BC first started as a club. For some reason I thought it was late 50's or early 60's.

No problem.

I have to agree that the Mtl. jerseys from the late '60's and early '70's were really ugly (green and red, terrrible colour combo :thdn: )

You were probably thinking of the date BC won their first Grey Cup in 1964 when you were thinking of when they started up as a club, easy mistake to make.

I was looking to see how many teams changed their colours over the years and the majority have done that, except for the Argos, who have always been double blue (even though it was a teal blue in the late '90's - early 2000's)

Montreal started out with Red & Black. The Black was eventually replaced by Blue and then in the late '60's became green & red. But by the mid '70's it was back to Blue, Red, & White.

Hamilton's colours were fairly consistant as Black and Gold, but in the first few years of their existance, they had Black & Orange.

Winnipeg originally had Green & White before they went to Blue & Gold in '32.

Ottawa teams have had Black & Red for a long time, but the original colours were cerise red, grey, & navy blue.

Edmonton started out with Black & Yellow, then went to Blue & White before sticking with Green & Gold.

Calgary had Black & Gold (when they started out as the Tigers) but later changed to Red & White as they changed their name. Interesting to note that when they first called themselves the Stampeders in '45, they had the colours Blue & Gold before changing back to the Red & White in '48.

The most changes came with Regina/Sask. who changed their colours 3 times in the first 3 years. Stared out with Purple & Gold, then went with Blue & White, and then Red & Black. They weren't Green & White until '48.

The first team in Vancouver was the Grizzlies in '41 and had the colours Burnt Orange & Brown. When the BC Lions were formed in '54, they kept the colours of the orignal team. Of course the brown later changed to black.

It is interesting (at least to me anyway) how much team names and colours have changed over the years (that should be expected with well over 100 yrs of history), but names and colours have remained fairly stable since the '50's.