Player moves

So the Als picked up James Whitley, who played for us in 2001and then went to the NFL for a few years as a corner or halfback. Good!!!
And the Als also released Tito Simpson and Stephan Fortin.
Any comments?

I like Simpson but his release was inevitable with our reacquisition of Gibson, a Canadian lineman who’ll free up an import spot for elsewhere. I’m surprised they cut Fortin. He’s always impressed me whenever he’s had to fill in for injured players, and it feels like he never really got a legitimate chance at a starting spot. Matthews must really like Karikari and the new guys at training camp.

SImpson getting cut did seem enivitable but Fortin wasnt that surprising we got 3 other canadians doing that job so he became expendable. Im curious about who is gonna start at the corners this season since we got 4 guys competing for 2 jobs as it stands now it would look like Malveaux and Crutchfield have the edge but Popp is really high on Whitley and Curry was great for us last year. Interesting how we go from a battered secondary to having too many guys in the secondary

The Als added another running back to the roster??? Marcus Houston from Colorado and Colorado st.

Jenkins,Lapointe, Lewis, Edwards, Vilimek, Houston-6’3 225lbs.

Interesting that now both our offensive and defensive backfields seem crowded.......cut down day will be a chore.

Marcus Houston, hey? Does anyone remember (and I admit I'm dating myself again) a running back we had back in the late 60s or early 70s (I forget which) who was supposed to be a superstar called Danny Houston? Played first game of the season, on his second carry blew out his knee and never came back.

Well, I've learned in the past, never question Matthews' decision when he cuts someone. He ony does it for the best of the team. Obviously, he cut Fortin and Simpson, cause they were the weaker ones, although they did not have Fortin playing at the position he'd like. I can't wait t'ill the season kicks off in 3 weeks. I think our team this year, is better than the team we had in 2002 when we won the Grey Cup.

Defensively, we got more agressive with our NEW Defensive Backfield, and Offensively, we gained a missing link since 2002, when we had Lawrence Phillips, we now have a solid Offensive Backfield. I can't wait!

Take Care.