Player morale- the silent killer

Notwithstanding coaching, leadership and athletic ability concerns, the Lions have yet another demon lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce. I'm referring to player morale.

Yes, the Lions are professionals because they get paid. It is a sport but it is also a job. Regardless, lack of self-confidence can take its toll. Each time I watch a game I see the boys pumped and ready for bear. When they make a good play be it a QB sack or excellent run back they take tremendous pride and do not hesitate to show it.

How many more times can they get pumped for a game, play their guts out and get victimized and beaten? Everyone likes to win, everyone likes to succeed- especially in pro-sports! They all want the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

I really hope the Lions don't start giving up on themselves cause I believe they're much better than the current standings show. With a few critical changes they will be rewarded. Low morale can become a silent killer when it comes to player drive and desire. It's no different when a player busts his buns scampering for a 95 yard return, revels in the moment while prostrate in the end zone, only to find that the entire play has been nullified because of a penalty. How discouraging and deflating is that? You have to dig real deep to have another go at it again.

The psychological factor can play havoc both on and off the field not only for the players but for the coaches. My hope is that the Lions will not come unglued. We've all seen it in pro-sports where a team gets so dejected they just start going through the motions. You can see it in their faces. You can see it on the field or on the ice or where ever.

When a group of Lions gets together it is called a pride. Let's hope our Lions can continue to play with pride. They've a lot to be proud of despite a 1-7 record thus far.

Well put Beagle. There is a season to prosper, and a season to suffer, a time to laugh, and a time to cry. Old Solomon was a wise dude. Things have come full circle; it's time to reevaluate, make difficult decisions and move forward.

we're gonna beat the snot out of the frogs on Friday or my name ain't Hickory Hollar Sam !

then there is the other thing, not that they give up on themselves, but that they give up on each other, finger pointing, lockerroom and practice fights, etc. been there, done that, sort of.

well, when you see ole hickory hollar sam, say hi for me. :wink:

Hickory says to put everything you got on the Lions and get ready to clean up ! We are going to get in tune riding on those dirty birds. Oh what a mighty time.