Player Introductions

When did they start the practice of not introducing players before the game. Have noticed this the last few games i have been at. I like when they introduce the defence or offence one by one not when they just have the whole team come running out.

i would also like to see this return. it gets me pumped up when i hear there names called out and they run on the field one after another.

does it really matter? Ever since Jason Farr took over the announcing half the time with his antics you couldn't tell what players he was introducing anyway.

I still don't know what exactly he was saying when he was introducing Jason G G G G Gossssssssss or whatever.

geez i'm bitter today....must be the rain or something

Here Here. Bring back the player intros. It adds to the build-up and is great fun.

I'd also like to hear the lineup changes, too. This is how Bill Stirrup and Bill Kelly did it.

These are part of the "Football gameday" and I miss all of this.... Player intros used to take forever because he took to damn long saying the names.... listen to other sporting events, they are quick and as soon as the player runs out of the tunnel they say the next person.

Jason takes forever saying the name, school and number (Combined with whatever nickname he is adding) and they used to run out of music!

I miss the players intros also. I really liked it when they would introduce the players in an order that they knew would build excitement.

Had to love it...and out of Central High School, number 14, Bobby Krouse. Imagine that now.

For example introducing the D, starting with lesser known players and ending up with Mosca or Henley. The applause would get louder and louder.

I remember last season when there was a discussion about this. I believe the team decides if they want to be announced as the defense, offense, or as the team as a whole.

Personally I like the idea of being announced as a team. Oh well...they can't please everybody

I was glad they got rid of player intros because our announcer thought he was an NBA announcer. He made up his own nicknames for players and he strung out the names. It took forever! Note to announcer guy: the NBA only has 5 players to introduce, the CFL has 12! Don't make intros longer than they need to be.

(Ditto to the anthem singers who stretch a one minute song into 5 minutes. Just sing it as written. We're not there to hear you sing, we're there to watch football.)

They still have no player introductions? Wow. I've been to probably two games in the last three years because I don't live in Hamilton anymore, but I thought that was just an isolated thing. Last game I was at, I'm sure they introduced the visitors one by one (argos) and then for the Cats they just said "your Hamilton TIgerCats" and they all come running out. I've never seen this in professional sports. I agree, it's very cheesy. Player introductions were one of the live game day experiences. But yeah, with Farr doing them, it might be extremely annoying.