Player history question

A work discussion left everyone guessing and I'm wondering if anyone here has better information than I do.

Anyways, are there any players, past or present, who have played for all 8 Canadian teams?

Understanding of course that there have been times when Montreal has been around while Ottawa has not and vice versa.

Any information would be good, thanks.

My guess is no.

Matt Dunnigan has played for six teams: Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Winnipeg, Hamilton and, the now defunct, Birmingham franchise.

Damon Allen has also played for six teams: Edmonton, Hamilton, BC, Toronto and, the now defunct, Memphis & Ottawa franchises.

I can’t think of any player that has played for more teams than that.

Give Damon a few more years - he may get there

No there has never been a player who has played for all the teams in the CFL.

Not since 1954.