Player Grades powered by PFF: Ouellette rushes to the top

TORONTO — Week 12 treated CFL fans to some exciting individual performances according to PFF’s Player Grades.

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Honestly the way PFF dole out the scores based on their “important” stats don’t make any sense.

You’re telling me that Andrew Harris with 0 missed tackles/explosive runs/first downs was better last week than all but 2 RBs?

Based on the numbers given, Lewis over Begelton, Casey Sayles above Folarin Orimolade?

Show us what other hidden relevant stats prove your point, PFF.

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The bigger problem is the CFL, and many who report on it have jumped onboard with this con. Unfortunately for Ottawa, if they see any value in this nonsense, they’ll start a QB again next week that just isn’t starting material. PFF has Crummie at #2 last week?? The guy is scared to pull the trigger, has a weak arm, and operates like a deer in headlights when his first read is taken away.

…And Butler, with the week he had, at number 5? I sure hope the teams I like don’t use these metrics to decide who they go after in free agency. This article has become a source of comedy for me. Without a detailed description of the algorithm they use, It’s hard to value these numbers.

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