Player Grades powered by PFF: How did Shawn Lemon grade out?

TORONTO — In just his second game this season, defensive lineman Shawn Lemon had a stellar outing at Tim Hortons Field on Saturday night.

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Does anyone else find these a complete waste of time? So the CFL website gives us useless ratings that make little sense or value, but what they don’t offer is good ole statistics!! Get the stats back because otherwise is completely useless.
Thanks for nothing

These are great statistics. I have no problem with them.

I fully agree.
Can’t figure out how these grades are made
For example Running Backs
in the displayed 3 categories for Missed tackles forced, Explosive runs, rushing 1st downs
Mills had higher numbers in them all than Oliveira & Butler combined yet he was ranked under them. So exactly what other factors that are not displayed account for the ranking. Is it yards per carry? Number of carries? What? And if they are so important why not shown ? And if the shown Categories are lower important why display them at all. How can anyone trust the accuracy if there are hidden categories that carry so much weight?
I’m sure the other positions for receivers, QB etc have the same useless info.

Oh, so you are telling me you understand them then. If not it more crap on a useless website.

They’re not that hard to understand, if you take the time to read the columns and figure out what they mean.

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okay, I’ve lost you. Not just talking about which numbers are bigger here. The data behind them, but never mind…

They draw information from over 200 data points to come up with their PFF, I think they give bonus points for the way players tie their shoes. I stopped paying attention the week Trevor Harris was the top rated QB in the Rider 13-12 win over the Elks. It’s just a bunch of garbage, imo

If you only value stats to confirm what you see with your own eyes, why even bother? These folks put a lot of time and energy into their statistical deep dives. Their grading scale is here: PFF Player Grades | PFF

I appreciate what they do.


I see there is a ton of room for human error in their evaluations. I wonder how many of these analysts coached or played football in the past.

There’s room for human error in any evaluation. :man_shrugging:t3:

Am I missing something? Shawn Lemon had a career game and his stats look like he should have been ranked as #1 or #2 among Defensive Linemen and he gets rated 4th, almost 20 points behind #1. Also, worthy of note, is that his interception doesn’t even show up as an item worthy of note in this rating system. Time to reevaluate this rating system…looks like its a little deficient!!

I noticed that too. I know INTs aren’t something we typically associate with defensive linemen, but when a lineman makes a game-changing play like that, you absolutely have to factor it into the assessment.

PFF is an epic failure in my opinion. Here are 3 points.

  1. The timeliness of the information is appalling. It should not take 48 hours for leagues stats and hours for game stats. Maybe pathetic is the better verb choice.

  2. Although the pdf format for a very high level analysis/review is acceptable, an excel presentation where variables can be selected would be much preferred. We should have the NHL manage our stats.

  3. Not all the statistics are being presented for the players. As noted defence players miss on interception and pass knockdown stats in their line items.

I do not know the financials of the new deal but money poorly spent is never a deal.

Very sad.