Player Game

Since it's so slow around here let's play a game. Try to think of the most obscure players that have played here maybe one game or one year but their names stick out in your mind for good or bad reasons. Try to only name one or two and let everyone get a chance. If you want to post more put up a new post.

I'll get it started.

From the late 70s, early 80s

QB- Charlie Weatherbee not a very good QB came from Ottawa Ithink

RB- Obie Graves I seem to remember a game in the pouring rain when he ran really well but was just ok after that.

Whatever became of these guys?

Couple of QBs from the dark times of the 90 that stick in my mind.

Don McPherson - This guy was just plain bad. Who thought he could replace even a mediocre Damon Allen?

Bob Torrence - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he was the last Canadian born QB to start a game in the CFL. Not an awful QB, but not great either. Didn't help that the team was pretty bad around him.

chris rankin 2004 he played one game. really summed up marshalls tenure of not having a clue

Another that came to mind is QB Eddie Smith he came at the same time as Dave Marlor he was supposed to be the better of the two. I believe tendonotis in his elbow cut his only season short and I believe he retired.

A few guys from only a few years ago, Larry Davis, a WR from 2003 that had a lot of difficulty catching the ball. I think he had previously played for the Texans. Another was Ron Merkerson, a former veteran NFL MLB from the Patriots who showed a lot of promise until he was injured in the preseason I believe.

Nick Mazzoli - Canadian WR from Simon Frasier; he was one of my favourite players for a little while and had alot of hype about him. He was at first a good kick returner, although, one of the last memories I have of him, was a game where he fumbled five kickoffs/punts. I had introduced my friend to Ti-Cat football that game because I had an extra ticket, and told him to watch this guy; he's an awesome kick returner. :roll: Boy, that was terrible. He eventually faded into obscurity.

Matt Dunnigan - I know, he's not obscure, but may have had one of the shortest TiCat careers ever - 4 games. What a disappointing end to that season! And who can remember the 13 QB's that played for hamilton that season...Lee Saltz, Todd Dillon...after that it gets a little murky.

K.D. Williams - Had talent, but the attitude was too much.

Eros Sanchez.

Matt Dunnigan - I know, he's not obscure, but may have had one of the shortest TiCat careers ever - 4 games. What a disappointing end to that season! And who can remember the 13 QB's that played for hamilton that season...Lee Saltz, Todd Dillon...after that it gets a little murky.
Actually i think Matt Dunigan played 6 games that year... and we didnt have that many QB's... Calvillo took over and had an OK end to that year, we lost to Montreal in the playoffs IIRC

I remember KD Williams one game where he was injured and he was on the sidelines close to the Ticat dressing room and when the team came off at halftime he greeted them with a beer in his hand LOL !!!

 How about a LB we had for a few games by the name of Byron Hemmingway . That to me is a cool name for a LB . He was a tall rangy guy who from what I remember didnt make much of an impact .

As far as Rankin he was a tough reciever for his size and would of done whatever it took to play CFL football . I remember a playoff game against Laval where Mac was down big time at halftime and in the 3rd quarter they put in a freshman QB by the name of Adam Archibald. He came in and got MAC back into the game . He engineered a final drive and on the last play of the game he tossed a long pass into the end zone . If Chris Rankin is a few inches taller MAC wins and goes onto the Vanier Cup . I remmeber earlier in the game Rankin getting clocked across the middle leaving the game for a few plays but coming right back in and helping in the comeback !!!

matt played in 5 games. got injured in the 5th game his record was 4-1 and a c took over. a couple games later we also lost calvin tiggle (broken arm) and of course mike oshea to the argos

Chuck Tack
one game last year

is this statement in defense to rankin or agreement with me? signed confused.

I was pretty sure Crash was right about the 6 games, then I found this:
Scroll down to the bottom.
Dunigan got hurt early in game 6, so AC got the loss against his record.

Also, the Lee Saltz/Todd Dillon/Reggie Slack? etc.... debacle was the remnants of starting the season with Don McPherson at QB in 1993.
(Or it might have been the Timm Rosenbach year in 94. They were both pretty horribly similar.)

1996-2006 is my bread and butter :wink:

Good find.

Once again NWO I dont care how you take it . Chris Rankin had a solid CIS career and what`s wrong with that ?? He also has a University degree and isnt that the point of going to University in the first place ???

I would also say that many a player from Michigan state , Ohio state ect, ect, have come to the CFL and lasted the same amount of time as Rankin !!!

i dont want to hijack the thread but habman that statement is so ridiculous i cant help myself. you cant compare the two. for one rankin had marshall and was only there cause of him...second hes canadian. third americans have player after player coming in here in waves to replace them. even making the team in training only means you get to last untill the nfl cuts. if you claim to be a cfl lover why dont you learn about the game?

Randy Graham I believe he wore #14. I did my first on air interview for CHMR (Mohawk College Radio Broadcasting Course) I also have a pic of him and Jim something. Dang my old age is setting in.

Two, both from 1967.

Smokey Stover. LB, came from KC Chiefs after being cut there. Was absolutely incredible for the part season he played. Hit hard, covered the pass, just awesome. Not to mention, one of the coolest names ever.

Same season, RB Allen Smith. Came after being cut by the Bills. His first game was in the playoffs. The first time he touched the ball was a sweep or toss right, he took it up the sideline for a long touchdown. Nice debut!