Player draft

I know that I'll probably get flamed for this but I think that the league for it's own health should have a draft in which the Tiger-Cats could pick a player from each team. Let the other teams protect a certain amount of players so they aren't hurt too badly. This is not something that I'd normally support for other leagues but this team has been sad sack for so long now I'm afraid of the long term viability of the franchise. If the Cats don't start winning soon I can see this franchise going the way of the Rough Riders/Renegades.

I really don't now what else can be done to get this thing turned around as most free agents who just want to win where money isn't the only option don't want to come here and lose. The years of mis-management has ruined this franchise to the point of no return.

Is this feasible? I know that the league would look like a joke but the CFL has looked like a joke so many times that this would be fairly normal.

I'm not saying this just because I'm a Tiger-Cat fan I think that because the CFL is so small they need teams that are competitive for more years than not.

What has happened to this once proud franchise is sad and I don't want it to go through what has happened to Ottawa. This may not be a good idea but I haven't heard an idea better to this point and I wish it hadn't come to this.

Flame away

this has to be the worst idea i have ever heard. Would the argos get to draft players too because they are worse than us.

Its not a realistic idea at all, but I sure do read between your lines and share a deep concern for the future of this team. Many other citys with pro teams experience many loosing years yet can still maintain the fan base required to stay in bussiness, this is not the case here in Hamilton. Like it or not this team cannot surrive this much longer.

Thanks for your input

It really helped

All that I`m trying to say is that if the league had done this years ago with the Rough Riders to break them out of the curse of multiple losing seasons they may still be in the league. After so many years of losing in Ottawa I would have supported a similar move for them to help them survive. If the league can throw money at the teams that struggle why not a few player to help them get back to some winning ways.

Im not suggesting this as a Tiger-Cat fan but as a CFL fan and in a small league like this some parity is needed one team cannot be the doormats for multiple years like the Cats have been for the past 7 or 8 seasons.The fans are turning their backs on this team once again after years of promises and no results. If this team isnt turned around within a year or two it will be gone either with Ottawa or to Ottawa and nothing could be worse for the city and could be devastating for the league.

And no this wouldnt apply to the Argos, yet. They havent had multiple losing seasons.

no problem. did you notice that i gave a main reason for it not working? This has nothing to do this the league. If a team sucks they should fix the mess them selves.

Do you watch baseball at all? The league didn't help the rays at all and look how there doing this year.

We have an owner now with deep pockets, the key to this teams survival is whether he is willing to spend the big bucks or not to bring in some good players.

I don't know how many years ago that practice stopped...but at one time the teams that missed the playoffs were able to draft a Canadian player from one of the playoff teams. Don't remember how many players were protected but I'm sure it was just players from the bottom end of the rosters that were available. That was back in the days where teams had to start 10 Canadians.

With a nine team league that would mean the non playoff teams would pick up two Canadians, with each playoff team losing one player. Maybe somebody out there can remember when this practice started and stopped.

During the Q&A session at the State of the Franchise event this year, Bob Young said that the idea of an "expansion" draft to benefit Hamilton had been suggested by some of the other teams because they thought it was in the best interests of the league.

just a thought, but how bout if the 2 teams with the worst over all record can dress an extra import somewhere the next year.

How about if the worst two teams fire their coach spend more money, and do a better job overall next year?

Oh yeah they both already fired their coach.

Not much sense in doing a League draft the Cats would eventually give the good ones away in the end.
The league is already full of X Cats and good ones too.
I'll use a good example that comes to mind, how about last years Grey Cup winners, How many XCats on that team and are still team members and What about this years Stamps a couple of good ones there. Then there's Mereno to the bombers. Then they pulled the rug out on Hitch and Morreale.
Pretty sad when a guy like Beveridge is the longest serving team member.
Take heart OB we still got a couple of good ones you can give away like Bauman, Printers , Lumsden,
Caulley and Tre Smith.
Note to Bob Young, by the time these guys get through with your team you won't be able to give it away.

I hadn't heard that before. Maybe a more subtle way would allow Hamilton some players off the other teams neg list. That would help a lot IMO and wouldn't cause as much of a commotion.