Player changes by Labour Day

Which players will not be wearing the black and gold by Labour Day? My thoughts are Jonta Woodard, O'neil Wilson, Charles Thomas and Scott Mitchell in that order. I would add Laurence Gordon to that list but that might cause even more confusion in the defensive secondary.

I would keep Gordan and include Manning - Glasper - Marius.

Woodard & Wilson for sure.

So Charlie is supposed to microwave a bevy of raw recruits
into readiness for CFL action in three practices, is he folks?

Absolutely, Ron. And if Charlie can't do that, then that is just more proof that he is an incompetent, terrible coach unfit for his job, unlike the several (I hesitate to say many)armchair coaches on this site who could easily do so.

So, a better idea is to do nothing while other teams make changes so that we can solidify last place by mid Sept. Sounds like an idea to me.

I can't argue with these names but the real problem is who do you get to replace them at this stage of the season? We can all come up with 4-6 players who haven't played well but can Obie find 4-6 guys who will be better?

Any NFL guys brought in will most likely be brought in for a look-see with an eye to training camp. Like it or not, the current roster barring injury is pretty much who will be on the field for the rest of this season.

An Argo-Cat fan

Manning and Woodard are definitely on the bubble. Mitchell has to start showing more as well. I don't think you cut Gordon. He's had one or two poor games this season but has played quite well at corner.

Glasper? Really?

Perhaps I see this problem with rose cloured glasses. Other teams are able and I repeat are able to find talented game ready players. This is football for crying out loud. These guys have played the game before - the game is simple - you run plays to defeat the defence. Charlie spoke last year about complexity of our offence. Give me break - you design the game plan around he other teams defence.
This of course is designed around the TALENT ofndividual players andost importantly depth.

You'll notice that I did not include any non-imports in my list. They would be very difficult to replace at this time. It would also be very hard to assess any OL personnel - who do they have to compete against over the next two weeks? :lol:
Ron FTT: why are there only three practices between now and Labour Day. Does this team need to practice more or are they already that good?

I would definately not get rid of Mitchell.

  1. Wilson is a Canadian (although not secure in his roster position). He's playing because of the injuries with other NIP on the roster. 2. Cutting 2 American tackles on an injury riddled o-line "a'int gonna happen." 3. re practices I assume that you must be a very casual follower of the CFL. Otherwise you would know that all teams give the players a week off during the by-week. So it will be a regular practice week for the Cats and everyone else. 4) The jury is out on Mitchell but it would be dumb to give up on the kid at this stage. He's young, has the kind of tools needed to play in this league, and yes, is learning how to play professional ball at this level. It's not like he stepped onto a team with veteran players/leadership to ease in the learning curve.

it has to be considered. The guy has done absolutely nothing since week 2

wilson is gone giguere arrives.
i agree with woodard he has lost in for a few years.
i do not agree at all about glasper and i believe we gotta give gordon more time.
also, we need a couple of fat def tackles. we are undersized along the line and need a better surge.
would love us to deal for an experienced non import og, but no other team is giving them away and it would cost us something huge if we trade.
calgary as a few maybe we can deal mckay-loescher as he would provide other teams some canadian depth.

Reason is plain and simple ...

 Plain is that they are OFF this week, it's called a bye.  As in Bye Bye playoffs.

And simple is that (as I understand it) the collective bargaining agreement between the players association and the owners states that they practice three times a week (training camp excepted) then on day four they have a walk through of the game and on day five, They Play.

Three practices between now and the Labour Day Classic.


The Bassman


For the sake of your reputation as a 'cooler head'
and in the absence of of emoticons to give them a clue

I hope you don't mind me informing the 'voices of [t]reason'

[I put the 't' in there as a joke. beet]

that your post is meant to be sarcastic.

For the sake of your reputation as a 'cooler head' and in the absence of of emoticons to give them a clue

I hope you don't mind me informing the 'voices of [t]reason'

[I put the 't' in there as a joke. beet]

that your post is meant to be sarcastic.

If its wrong and 'treasonous' to fire the coach ron then all I ask you is how do you fix this team? remember its also wrong and treasonous to let a player go or several players go. Personally I dont think we need just a coach, and I think that most feel we need a coach and several players. I have no problem letting a coach or player go on this team and someone who thinks a coach should be cut is neither treasonous or crazy......TELL ME WHAT THAT COACHES RECORD IS PLEASE SINCE COMING HERE? and what other city a coach with that record would be halfway though his second season with fans saying its treasonous for anyone to suggest he is fired?
I am interested in hearing how you make this a winning team without somebody somewhere being cut loose and if you cant, TREASON!! i would hope voices of treason was a joke ron and got it, but it also made your point for you, I am still waiting to hear from you how to fix this without letting ANYONE go.

I saw an opportunity to completely change the meaning

of mr62's words, 'voices of reason' by adding a 't'

I meant it as a joke.

I apologize for not adding an emoticon
to indicate that I was merely joking. :oops: :cry:

I didn't intend that anyone would take it literally.

Treason is a strong label to give charming people like yourself,
whose opinions merely differ from my opinions, beetlejuice.


Why should I let you hold my feet to the fire
to come up with a 'one size fits all' solution

which, common sense says, doesn't exist,

while you hide behind the excuse that,
finding this mythical guru Head Coach
to microwave this team to success,

that you have conceived exists,

is the business of the Tiger Cats

and not yourself? :thdn: :smiley:


I like having fun with you, beetlejuice,
I know you give and take in good spirit.

I am an advocate of Ron Lancaster's approach
to building and maintaining a strong football team.

You work all off season to get the best players you can.

All year you stick with essentially the same players
who learned your systems and won jobs at Training Camp.

Obviously, it's not a perfect world,
some players have to be brought in.

And in Ron's experience here after 1999
the money wasn't there the following years

to retain the players that he developed.

The time to make coaching changes is at the year-end.

If a G.M. in the CFL fires any coach in mid-season
he is admitting that he made a big mistake.

The team's fortunes seldom turn around because
the coach's replacement doesn't have time
to institute new systems so nothing changes much

The team stumbles along. The G.M.'s reputation suffers.