player carrying the sledgehammer, leading the team out

Great idea. Love it.

Wasn't at the home opener, but caught it on this website's video recap of that game's highlights.

It was armour, wonder if it was his idea or the team's....?

How about letting the players select who does it for the next game, similar to getting the game ball?

Or the coaches pick one week, the players the next week.

great idea and i loved it when armour started smashing it at center field. i also like his sack dance when he acted it out.

Fantastic idea! A new tradition is born. Kudos to the organization for coming up with this!!

Torontos University Football team does that and they have not won a game in 3 years! :roll:

Looked pretty violent (more violent than chanting notty words).

I'm sure the City wasn't too happy when he started bashing the turf with the Hammer.....knocking a few years off the lifespan of the stuff. The City is broke, I'm sure they don't appreciate people bashing their property with sledge hammers.

Hopefully, it will be a tradition that will last many years. I believe the decision, as to who will carry the Hammer, will be between the Coaching staff and the players.

Personally I think it was Dumb. Here were are strutting around pretending that we are world beaters & we are going to hammer someone Well it takes a good team to do that, which we are not. I hate the Argos however Fans, they were the hammer & we were the nail & until we get a lot better we should lay low When we become a good team maybe in 3 or 4 years if we are lucky, we then can strut like we are a dominate team. Until then I say we have no right to pretend we are the Hammer. Respect is something that has to be earned, not just given

yea just like the slogan 'hammer time', a great reminder to what our seasons going to be like, getting hammered game after game.

I liked the idea but was not really able to see to well as I sit down low and behind that helmet so it kind of impedes my vision :roll: . Yes I know I should have looked on the screen . I think the players should decide who carries it out .

If you act like a loser, you sure enough become a loser. If you act like a winner, then you're more likely to become a winner. Nothing wrong with getting pumped up before a game and getting the crowd into it. Someone once said to me, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have."

Can't wait until it is Mosca's turn!

Maybe this Guy should ??

Hmm how about the guy who smashes the Hammer leads the Oske wewe cheer a new tradition mixed with an old one. Or get the whole team to do it a la the All Blacks. Just a thought, better than a celeb. or one hand pickied fan. Do the Hammer things and then line the entire defence or offense on the across the field for Oskee Wewe. Different moves could be used or the same ones. Every fan in the stadium would go nuts, doing it. It would be great.