Player Awards

Looks like the player awards for each team are out.

Player:Ty Long
Defensive:Davon Coleman
Canadian:Bo Lokombo*
Offensive Lineman:Joel Figueroa*
Special Teams:Ty Long*
Rookie:Claudell Louis*
Player:Mike Reilly*
Defensive:J.C. Sherritt
Canadian:Kwaku Boateng
Offensive Lineman: Matt O’Donnell
Special Teams:Sean Whyte
Rookie:Monshadrik Hunter
Player:Bo Levi Mitchell*
Defensive:Micah Johnson*
Canadian:Alex Singleton*
Offensive Lineman:Derek Dennis*
Special Teams:Jameer Thurman
Rookie:Tre Roberson*
Willie Jefferson
Defensive:Willie Jefferson
Canadian:Brett Lauther
Offensive Lineman:Brendon LaBatte*
Special Teams:Brett Lauther*
Rookie:Jordan Williams-Lambert*
Adam Bighill
Defensive:Adam Bighill*
Canadian:Andrew Harris*
Offensive Lineman:Stanley Bryant
Special Teams:Justin Medlock
Rookie:Marcus Sayles
Jeremiah Masoli
Defensive:Larry Dean*
Canadian:Ted Laurent
Offensive Lineman:Brandon Revenberg
Special Teams:Courtney Stephen*
Rookie:Darius Ciraco*
S.J. Green
Defensive:Cleyon Laing
Canadian:Sean McEwen
Offensive Lineman:Sean McEwen
Special Teams:Justin Herdman
Rookie:Trumaine Washington*
Trevor Harris
Defensive:Derico Murray
Canadian:Brad Sinopoli
Offensive Lineman:Alex Mateas
Special Teams:Lewis Ward*
Rookie:Lewis Ward*
Henoc Muamba*
Defensive:Henoc Muamba*
Canadian:Henoc Muamba*
Offensive Lineman:Kristian Matte*
Special Teams:William Stanback
Rookie:William Stanback

And the winners are…


mop - Masoli - Ham
Def - Dean - Ham
Cdn - Sinopoli - Ott
O-L - Mateas - Ott
S.T. - Ward - Ott (WINNER)
Rook - Ward - Ott (WINNER)


mop - Bighill - Wnp (WINNER)
Def - Bighill - Wnp (WINNER)
Cdn - Singelton - Calg (WINNER)
O-L - LaBatte - Sask (WINNER)
S.T. - Lauther - Sask
Rook - William-Lambert - Sask

Some very tough picks and choices for sure .Especially in the MOP , DEF and CDN categories where some very outstanding and deserving players will unfortunately not be chosen for this years awards due to some very stiff competition amongst them.

I’m sure I’ll get some heat and some disagreement for some of my selections but if I had a vote (which I don’t) these would be my 12 finalists and 6 overall winners .

I think MOP should go to an offensive player in all but the most exceptional circumstances.

Defensive players are eligible for a defensive award, but there is no dedicated offensive award. I always thought it was implied that it goes to an offensive player (as it has almost every year for many decades now).

think sinopoli should get Canadian.


Change the name to so one is each phase of the game. You have one on D and ST already, designate this one as O. Or make a new one just for O and this one can be every candidate for one of the 3 phases.

So I guess game 18 doesn’t matter in evaluating players. What if Willis were to go out and get 10 sacks ( and 3 or 4 fines, but that’s beside the point) on Saturday, would that not make him more of a contender for B.C. D player?

I think the Most Outstanding Player award should go to the most outstanding player, regardless of position.

So perhaps they need a separate MOOP award, and then the MOP would be the best of the three: MOOP, MODP, or MOSTP.

Agree with most though i think Defensive Player in the west will be a toss up between Jefferson and Bighill and could see BLM taking MOP in the west.

The MOP player award noms. are crazy.
NO MOP nom. or any noms. for Edmonton’s D. Williams who was the CFL’S leading receiver.?
NO MOP nom. again for Winnipeg’s Andrew Harris who was the CFL’s leading rusher [again]
and who had 1841 all purpose yards / 8 rushing TDS?
B.C nom. for MOP going to their FG Kicker? ::slight_smile:

Winners … MOP… B. L. MITCHELL [C.S.]
Defence = BIGHILL [W.B.]
Canadian = HARRIS [W.B.]
O. line = D. DENNIS [C.S.]
Rookie = WARD [O.R.]
S.T. = WARD [O.R.]

I agree! And Andrew Harris should be the West division’s nominee for Outstanding Canadian.

I’ll be very upset to see Alex Singleton go any further as a nominee. As a “Canadian” he’s a fraud. Quite simply he’s not a Canadian!


But the reason the Most Outstanding Defensive Player category was created in the first place was because of the prejudice in favour of offensive players by the selection committees! I’d therefore like to see defensive players win the MOP award more often.

Singleton became a Canadian cit. in 2015 and he has dual cit. because his mom is from Toronto , however given where he spent most of his life [the U.S.] he is about as “Canadian” as Ben Cahoon is. Which isn’t very much. I am very happy that Sinopoli broke Cahoon’s record for most receptions by a “Canadian” in a single season. Sinopoli , was not only born in Canada but he also went to Canadian schools and he played in Canadian Collage Football where he was a big star.
Either Sinopoli or Harris would both be excellent choices for top Canadian. Harris , was born in Winnipeg and he played in Junior Canadian Football and he was also a big star there too.

If D. Williams was EDM’s MOP nominee, would you say it’s “crazy” that the league’s leading passer (Reilly) did not get a nomination?

I agree! I’m also delighted that a more legitimate “Canadian” now holds the record for receptions by a Canadian in a season.

I might though give the nod for the Outstanding Canadian award to Andrew Harris over Brad Sinopoli.


Do you think that KICKER TY LONG should be B.C.S nom. for MOP?
I think that Harris was robbed again of at least for a MOP nom. from his own team.
He was the CFL’S leading rusher for the second year in a row and he had 1841 all purpose yards. He also had 8 rushing TDS by a running back and 3 through through the air.

I just wish that Williams could have been nom. for something? He had a career year. REILLY , won MOP last year. Besides I think that B. L. MITCHELL is a lock for MOP any way.

In the eyes of the CFL he is.
He was in the 2016 Canadian draft, 5 other teams had a chance to pick him.

I think he should be nominated for a best actor award.

I wish they would have the CFL Awards on like they used to years ago the Schenley awards

Yes that is true , however the facts are that both HARRIS and SINOPOLI where both born in Canada. They lived all their lives in Canada and played in the Canadian collage / juniour systems.
I admire your team loyalty but this argument has really nothing to do with which CFL team chose , Singelton?
If your talking about who is more Canadian it isn’t even close. After all this award is for MOC not most MOC because of a technically where a player got his dual cit. in 2015. Live and played most of his life in the U.S. Maybe the CFL should re think what qualifies for a National? Even BEN CAHOON had more ties to Canada than Singleton , did.