Player Awards

Who do you think our nominees will be this year? when are they announced? My Picks are:

Most Outstanding Player: I really have no idea
Most Outstanding Canadian: Dylan Barker, Dave Stala
Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Otis Floyd, Jamal Johnson
Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Marwan Hage
Most Outstanding Rookie: Deandre Cobb, Marquay McDaniel
Most Outstanding Speacial Teams Player: Dylan Barker

I have an idea for Most Outstanding Player......

Bruce? (He's only 3rd in the league receiving and 15 yards back of 1st, missing 2 games)

Deandra Cobb all the way for the Top Rookie in CFL, he is now about 18 yards or so away from 1000 yards he should get that no problem on Saturday against the Riders. What a great player this young guy is, very talented and glad he is a Ti-Cat. Arland Bruce sure would be in line for a pick as a Ti-Cat, I'm sure in The Most Outstanding Player Award of the CFL he would have lots of competition from the likes of Anthony Calvillo who once again just had a great year.

Bruce has my vote- no question.... I think if Glenn can carry on he deserves something too

Why not Cobb as Outstanding Player, as well as Outstanding Rookie?

He certainly measures up with any other veteran running back in the League.

The only two that even have a chance of being finalists are Cobb at Rookie and Johnson at Defence.

Johnson has been our Most Outstanding by quite a bit...but this award goes to AC again this year.

On paper, Cobb is behind both BC's Martell Mallett and Edmonton's Arkee Whitlock, both of whom are younger than Cobb in addition to technically qualifying as "rookies". Cobb has the edge in receiving yards, but probably not by a wide enough margin to sway people. Mallett also seems to be more consistent as a rusher.

It's hard to argue against Cobb as the Ticats nominee for rookie of the year, but even if we limit the discussion to rookie RBs in the league, Cobb isn't at the top of the heap. If you consider nominees at other positions, he could drop even further down the list. That's not to take away from the great year he's having, it's just that even at the position he plays, other rookies are doing better.

Johnson is the best defensive player in the east and possibly the country. The Als should sweep the other eastern nominations. I hope Cobb gets top rookie but with our record of wins and losses, it seems obvious that the Als are the class of the east and the nation. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

now you've got to be irish

Pat…Section 7…like you…our family has been there for 40 years…love section 7!!!

OP award? Arland of course. If he has a solid game Sat. we will be all alone in second again.

Johnson for sure .....
Cobb rookie of the year ...

But no comment on others ...The jury's still out !

As a fan of another team watching your team my picks for you would be:
MOP: Bruce
Canadian: Stala
Defensive: Johnson
OL: Goodspeed
Rookie: Cobb
ST: Barker

The nominees for the East will be in order; Calvillo, Cahoon, Jamal Johnson, Bourke, Hefney, & Jovon Johnson
I think Cahoon, Jamal Johnson, Bourke, & Jovon Johnson will win the league awards for their categories.

Hey mad dog, you're right about the Irish link. Our family is about four generations removed from the old sod. One thing you will enjoy about our beloved TiCats is that the field rises up to meet them and the wind is always at Nick Setta's back.
TheoriginalTC speaks the truth. Section 7 is the best seat in the house with some of the most knowledgible fans. :lol: I think that got about a four on the Humble Metre.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Cobb may not have as many rushing yards as Mallett and Whitlock, but his 500+ rec. yards put him ahead of those two in the category of yards from the line of scrimmage. In fact, in that category, he's behind only Reynolds and Cobourne as you can see here: ... /year/2009

Name Team Rush Yards Rec. Yards Yards Scrimmage
REYNOLDS, J CGY 1287 396 1683
COBOURNE, A MTL 1144 404 1548
COBB, D HAM 981 523 1504
ROBERTSON, J TOR 1023 478 1501
MALLETT, M BC 1171 316 1487
REID, F WPG 1257 154 1411
WHITLOCK, A EDM 1014 385 1399
STAMPS, F EDM 0 1161 1161
BRUCE, A HAM 11 1146 1157
CATES, W SSK 858 297 1155

Not bad.

It's interesting how there have been some very good rookie RBs this year.

I'm thinking based on his stats, Hickman should at least be mentioned as a possible rookie of the year nominee for us.

46 tackles 6 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. I forgot he was a rookie.

The nod will probably go to Cobb though.

MOP will probably be AB3 but I think Johnson makes a VERY good argument for this award.
Defensive- Johnson will be a lock, but Knowlton is a pretty close 2nd.
ST- Barker
O-Lineman- Too close to call

Cobb doesn't qualify as a rookie. Go McDaniel!!!

Are they still called that?
Any early thoughts on who the ti-cat schenley nominees should be this year?

From what i've seen so far, my pick for most outstanding lineman goes to Dyakowski.

Most Outstanding Player: Arland Bruce or Kevin Glenn
Most Outstanding Canadian: Dave Stala or Alex Gauthier
Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Otis Floyd
Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Alex Gauthier or Dan Goodspeed
Most Outstanding Rookie: Deandre Cobb
Most Outstanding Speacial Teams Player: Dylan Barker