Player Awards -- Team Nominees

They’ll be announced tomorrow (Oct. 31).
My questions are MOOL (Revenberg or Filer?) and MODP (Dean or Breaux?).
I’m leaning toward Revenberg & Dean.
To me, the winners in the other categories will be MOP Banks, MOCP Laurent, MOR Ciraco, and MOSTP Stephen.

Your thoughts?

We must remember that the voters are local members of The Football Reporters of Canada, plus Coach Jones. If they were all coaches, or players, I’d change a prediction or two.

I agree except I would put Masoli over Banks for MOP

Masoli will get the vote because the narrative lately has been about how Masoli doesn’t get enough respect no matter what he does. Jones will also want to validate his own choice.
Banks deserves the nod because of how the team seems to drop off when hes not in the lineup, but Masoli is the “safer” choice.
Neither will get out of the east IMO.

MOP - Tasker

MOOL- Filer

MODP - Dean

MOCP - Laurent

MOR - Ciraco

MOSTP - Stephen

Results are in

CFL announces 2018 team award winners


Can't argue with that. The only difference is possibly Banks for Masoli. Of course Masoli is the one who threw to Banks, so...

Those two are interchangeable and would not have had the same success without each other.

I’m surprised that McGough or Terrell Davis didn’t beat out Stephen for special teams nominee.

As we saw last week in the Ottawa game.

Here are all the Eastern team nominees in each category with my prediction on who will be finalists against the West

Most Outstanding Player

Jeremiah Masoli - Hamilton (Winner)
Trevor Harris - Ottawa
Henoc Muamba - Montreal
S.J. Green - Toronto

Most Outstanding Rookie

Darius Ciraco - Hamilton
Lewis Ward - Ottawa (Winner)
William Stanback - Mtl
Trumaine Washinton - Tor


Ted Laurent - Hamilton
Brad Sinopoli - Ottawa (Winner)
Henoc Muamba - Montreal
Sean McEwen - Toronto


Larry Dean - Hamilton (Winner)
Rico Murray - Ottawa
Henoc Muamba - Montreal
Cleyon Laing - Toronto

O - Lineman

Brandon Revenberg - Hamilton
Alex Mateas - Ottawa (Winner)
Kristian Matte - Montreal
Sean McEwen - Toronto

Special Teams

Courtney Stephen - Hamilton
Lewis Ward - Ottawa (Winner )
William Stanback - Montreal
Justin Herdman - Toronto

So I’m predicting 4 from Ottawa with Ward being a double award finalist , 2 from Hamilton and 0 for both Montreal and Toronto . In all honesty my toughest pick was for MOP which I think could be a neck and neck tight race between Masoli and Harris . The other 5 winning picks were I felt rather straight forward to select as finalists to represent the East .

Stephen, along with Dean and Ciraco, were unanimous selections.

Nice to see 5 former TiCats nominated from others teams: Davon Colman, Joel Figueroa, Brett Lauther, Justin Medlock and Rico Murray.

No way Masoli beats Harris.

0 and 3 doesn’t win you awards.

If the Cats manage to get to Ottawa for the Eastern Final then it could even be 0-4. There's no way Masoli should get it then simply because he beat Harris by a couple hundred yards in regular season stats. Masoli is going to have to take us at least to a Grey Cup appearance.

But that’s the part I didn’t get all season. Harris didn’t get MOP talk when their record was better than ours and the stats were almost identical.

The East MOP was likely decided by the division winner (unless we finished tied and lost on a tiebreaker)

Jay Langa would also have been considered. I can see Revenberg as the best Eastern O Lineman. Ciraco should be the top rookie , having played a “real position” all season but the little kicker from Ottawa has had all the hype. This reminds me of the 72 Grey Cup with Sunter, the soccer player, being chosen top Canadian over Bob Krause . That was a travesty !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

For my money Masoli is the fav in the East

If Banks had stayed healthy and put up another couple of hundred yard games… There’s a better than good chance it’s him.

But realistically it should be Masoli, as bad as that last game was for him, he’s been legit for most of the year. Whether or not he can get past the west is another story entirely.

Doesn't work that way. It's who is the better player not the better team, and Masoli is by far the better QB.

How Masoli and Harris stack up…

Masoli - 378/572 – 66.1% – 5209 yds – 28 TD – 18 INT – 98.3 EFF – 63/473 Rush
Harris - 431/615 – 70.1% – 5116 yds – 22 TD – 11 INT – 99.6 EFF – 27/117 Rush

Those two games against Ottawa really hurt Masoli’s case IMO - having a losing record combined with the stats being almost identical, I honestly cant see how they can give Masoli the nod from the East. I hope he does get it because he had a great season, but when you look at who we beat, where we finished, and the stats it really doesn’t make much sense to not give it to Harris.

It will work against Masoli that he had one of his worst games in a must-win situation, while at the same time (and same weather conditions) his MOP rival had one of his better games.

For all his highlight-reel plays, Masoli still has to conclusively demonstrate that he can come up big when it matters most: last-minute drives, playoff games, first place showdowns.