Player Awards Finalists

And my take:

MOP: Calvillo and Burris. . . really close, I'll lean to AC;

Defence: Knowlton and Juwan Simpson. . . Knowlton (surprised that Simpson got the nod in the West, I was expecting it to be either Patrick or Banks);

Canadian: Stala and Fantuz. . . Fantuz

Special teams: Owens and Davis. . . Owens

Rookie: Thigpen and Elimimian. . . Thigpen (yes Elimimian had lots of tackles, but BC had problems stopping the run)

Offensive lineman: Hage and Archibald; Cats gave up the fewest sacks so Hage.

like I said… Boyd wouldn’t win the MOP

How can 1 person be responsible for the play of all those around him? You judge the individual, not the group.

Valid point I concede. . .

As true as that may be and as good as Elimimian has been, Thigpen has had a legendary rookie season being the first player in CFL history to score 5 different ways in one season, and is second to only Owens in return TD's and yards (4 TD's, aprox. 1,700 yards).
I think Thiggy's got it in the bag.However, what I see in Solly is a candidate for DPOY 2011.

Well yes and no. . . I do think Thigpen should win, but I wouldn't say he's got it in the bag. Certainly scoring TDs five different ways which no one had ever done before is a major factor in his favour. But Elimimian is good too. .. what I said earlier was in no way meant to denigrate his talent. . . they're both deserving candidates, very deserving. Just that if I had a vote, it'd go to Thigpen.

Why didn't Boyd get nominated for most outstanding Rookie? He's a CFL rookie. He would have won the award hands down.

if you were paying attention, you would know that Boyd played in the NFL and if you do, you are deemed inelligable for Rookie status.

That's complete BS. So if you're on an NFL team's practice squad for a fraction of a seaon, not play a single down of football, you're inelligable? They need to revisit that rule. The player should at least have to play a single down of football in a regular season NFL game to be deemed inelligable.

Also, Thigpen was in the NFL. He was on the practice squads of the Eagles and the Broncos. How is it different? He didn't play a single down either. Am I missing something?

In my eyes, Boyd is the 2010 CFL most outstanding rookie.

The exact same reason DeAndra Cobb lost out last season, he played in the NFL first.

It is not an infallible source, but according to Wikipedia, Boyd did actually play in the NFL:

Boyd was signed to the practice squad of the Denver Broncos on November 4, 2008 after running back P. J. Pope was promoted to the active roster. Boyd was promoted to the active roster on December 9 when fullback Peyton Hillis was placed on injured reserve. The Broncos waived Boyd six days later and re-signed him to the practice squad. He was then put back onto the active roster for Week 17 of the 2008 season following the season ending injuries to Selvin Young and P.J. Pope.

The key word here is PLAY. Alright, so he was on the active roster for a period of days but didn't actually "PLAY". It's a ridiculous technicality.

So if your 3rd string QB and not play one play during the regular season such as Sask's Cole Bergquist should he be considered a rookie as well next season should he makes a team again?

If it was for a full season then I agree that you are no longer a rookie. However if it's for a matter of days as it is in Boyd's case then you should still be a rookie. Anyone can see that this rule really lacks common sense. I think the MLB has it right.

Determining rookie status:
A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the period of 25-player limit (excluding time in the military service and time on the disabled list).

This to me, has logic to it. So if a player gets called up in let's say 2008, plays (YES, ACTUALLY PLAYS) 2 games, gets sent back down to the minors, then in 2009, makes the squad at the beginning of the season, he would still be elligible for the Rookie of the Year Award of 2009.

He was on the active roster for a game. It is possible (but unlikely, IMO) that he never actually set foot on the field during that game, but a line has to be drawn somewhere and as far as I know there is no reliable record of actual game participation beyond being dressed for a game.

Rules are rules, they're not going to change them for 1 player.

I think Calvillo will likely get the MOP award....again. I would like to see it go to Burris though - not because I think he deserves it more, just so we dont have to hear him complain any more about not winning the award! (Having said that, I do think he deserves the recognition...)

If Fantuz loses the MOC award - it would be a travesty, but I wouldnt want to hear about all winter long!

Over all, good choices for the award finalists. I would have maybe put Boyd as the East MOP rep. but all others were solid selections!

I'm not saying change it for 1 player. I'm saying change it for everyone. Based on the current rule, they are putting Ricky Williams of 2006 in the same boat as D'andrea Cobb of 2009 and Cory boyd 2010. Makes no sense to me.

Don’t quite agree there although I respect your opinion. So I"m not saying that you are wrong, just that our opinions differ. . . I question the selection of Juwan SImpson as western defensive nominee. . . I"d have voted for Patrick and Banks over him.

As far as the Boyd controversy, I believe, but am not certain, that he may have played some Special Teams when he was on the Broncos active roster. But the rules state that Boyd is ineligible (like Cobb was last year), so there is no point in complaining about it. Now, onto the awards.

I think Burris should win MOP. I think he has been the best player all season. No disrespect to Calvillo, but he's going to be judged against what he's done in the past, and this wasn't his best season.

Fantuz will win MOC. Stala had a good year, Fantuz had a GREAT year. It's not every day that a Canadian leads the league in receiving (it hadn't happened since 1995), so for that alone MOC is Fantuz's.

Knowlton for MODP. Don't talk to me about Cox, Al fans. Knowlton was better, period. I thought that Patrick would get the West nom, but Simpson has been good too and is deserving.

Hage or Archibald could easily win top O-Lineman. It's really hard to choose one, but as another poster said, since the Tabbies' O-Line gave up the least amount of sacks, and Hage is the captain of said O-Line, he gets my vote. Though I think, for some reason, that Archibald will take it.

I think they had Chad Owens' name engraved on the MOSTP award back in September.

Rookie is tough, but my gut says it will go to Eliminian. Thigpen scoring in five different ways should help, but he did that way back in August and some might have forgotten.

To recap: Burris, Fantuz, Knowlton, Archibald, Owens and Eliminian. I hope I'm wrong on at least two of these (O-line and Rookie), but I don't think I will be.