Player Award Finalists

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Charles Roberts has heard the talk.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers was named the East Division's nominee for the CFL's outstanding player award Tuesday after running for a league-high 1,609 yards. But the West Division representative is none other than B.C. Lions slotback Geroy Simon, the league's top receiver with 105 catches this season who is the odds on favourite to capture the honour.

"We both had great seasons," said Roberts. "He had a stellar season but, at the same time, I had just as many yards as he does . . . I really have more yards than he does so if you really want to vote fairly maybe I'll get the nod.

"I'm happy for it but everybody really believes Geroy is going to win, anyway. So I'll just be a seat filler at the ceremony. But I'm happy to represent the East. Hopefully I can come back next year and get one more."

This will mark the first time since 2002 that a player other than a quarterback will win the award. In fact, only three non-quarterbacks - Montreal running back Mike Pringle in '95 and '98 and Winnipeg slotback Milt Stegall in 2002 - have captured the honour since 1991.

Simon's West Division nomination for the CFL's top individual honour was hardly a surprise. The veteran slotback finished the regular season as the CFL's top receiver with 105 receptions for a club-record 1,856 yards and 15 touchdowns. And he accomplished that feat even though injuries forced the Lions to use three different quarterbacks this season. And injuries also often depleted B.C.'s receiving corps this year, often leaving Simon as the unit's only constant game in and game out.

"One of the things I pride myself on is giving whoever is playing quarterback an opportunity to have an open target and someone who can make plays for them in any circumstance," Simon said. "There have been times I've been covered and quarterbacks have thrown me the ball and I've managed to come up with the plays.

"That just gives the quarterback a safety blanket where he knows if he gets in trouble that he can rely on me."

Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Kerry Joseph said he was hoping his teammate, running back Kenton Keith, would get the West Division nod but added Simon is more than deserving.

"If you look at the numbers he has put up with three different quarterbacks, it's just amazing," Joseph said. "You've got to credit where credit is due.

"He's had a heck of a year to put up 1,800 yards with 15 touchdowns. I would've loved to see our guy (Keith) win it but if not, you really have to look at Geroy with the numbers and the year he has had."

Roberts was stellar this season as well. In addition to leading the league in rushing, Roberts was also tops in combined yards (2,020) and yards from scrimmage (2,020).

There are probably good reasons why the majority of voters pick Johnson and Murphy.

JOHNSON. Touchdowns and turnovers are more valuable than tackles. Both Perry and Johnson have different duties. But Perry is supposed to have more tackles than Johnson. Besides, BC has a better defense than Saskatchewan.

MURPHY. High efficency ratings for individual which record time of protection on pass attempt and ability to open holes for runners. Here, team insiders have better knowledge than the general public. Number of sacks is a poor way of measuring offensive linemen. For example, a weak offense may have fewer sacks because of more rush attempts and fewer pass attempts.

Johnson does not have a defensive td, remember this is defensive player of the year, while Perry has one. Johnson does lead in interceptions 2-1 and fumble recoveries 3-2 but Perry leads in forced fumbles 3-0.

We can debate this endlessly, but really, all the nominees are more than deserving to be up for the awards. Perry and Johnson were very close in terms of defense, but I would have picked Johnson over Perry. The only nominee that I feel was undeserving was Cahoon being chosen over Edwards for his team's MOP nomination. Good luck to all the award finalists, they are all deserving winners.

I think in the Johnson - Perry situation they are both deserving. Johnson's offensive TD's along with his very athletic interceptions may have swayed the votes. Sometimes basic stats don't get you there. Last year Tyrone Williams stats should have earned him a Tackle nomination on the West Team but they did not. The number of Lions suprised me but it probaly reflects that no other team played consitant football all year. The harping about the Lions finish is stupid. 2 and 0 in mean nothing games. Can't wait for the West Finals, I hope some Stamp/Rider fans get on some buses for the game. You can come play some golf or walk on the beach while you are here.

Ah Arius, wrong again!

I said there were other offensive Linemen that were more THAN deserving… that is fundamentally different than saying “more deserving?. Work on your reading and comprehension skills first and then tackle logic.

I can understand your shock at my comment that Murphy is a pretty good offensive lineman. I mean no one would actually select that guy as a finalist, would they?

You are right...I should have quoted the whole line:

While there are several other O linemen who would have been more than deserving finalists from the west, excluding Murphy from that group would have been a travesty.
So, even though several other lineman would have been "more than deserving" as you say, it would somehow be a "travesty" to not vote for Murphy? And you find that a "logical" conclusion? A "travesty" would have been voting Kubongo from Edmonton in as top o-lineman. Excluding Murphy from that position would have been justice.

Arius, I am beginning to feel truly embarrassed for you.

Anyone with even the most marginal grasp of the English language will clearly understand what my sentence said. To paraphrase it for you, I said it would have been a travesty to leave Murphy out of the GOUP of OFFENSIVE LINEMEN FROM THE WEST that were worthy of consideration as candidates for the outstanding O lineman award. What other group could I have been referring to since it’s the only one mentioned in the sentence? What convoluted thought process led you to conclude that I said it would be a travesty not to vote for Murphy?

Arius, please tell me that you are merely a functional illiterate and that I am not really wasting my time attempting to communicate with a petulant twelve year old which is what you sound like.

I was wondering that too! :wink:

The thing about voting is, nobody can point a finger and say it was the Toronto Media or Edmonton media, each city has a number of voters that cast their ballots.

There were some good choices, and there are some very good players that didn't get selected. To be honest, it must have been a difficult job, because alot of posters here make a very good case for their home town heroes.

I guess the media guys get to see a lot more games up close and personal than us average fans who only see the home games live plus the TV games. Its a tough job, but every year its tough to argue with the picks. It would be interesting however to see how the voting actually went. I bet it was a lot closer than we think!

I've always thought I had a very good grasp on the English language but it looks like you've proven me wrong.

What's a GOUP?

Yep, a typo. I'll bet that's never happened before.

Given that the thread topic is about the West finalists, of which Murphy is one, why wouldn't I assume you were defending Murphy's selection as part of the "group/goup known as the "West finalists". Especially as you use the word "finalist". I assume that after lecturing me on my literacy, you understand that 4 lineman were nominated for West O-lineman of the year, but only Murphy is a "finalist".
Is this where I need to quote you again:

While there are several other O linemen who would have been [b]more than deserving [i]finalists[/i][/b] from the west
But, sheesh, if all you are saying is Murphy was the best o-lineman on the BC Lions, okay, I'll give you that one. I'll give Edmonton McGrath as well, if they insist, although we all know it should have been Comisky.

But in no way will I concede that Murphy deserves to be part of the "group" of West finalists.

Next time, I recommend clarifying your point, rather than attacking someone's ability to read, when it is your use of language and a poorly constructed sentence that have apparently caused the problem.

Sorry Arius , but gramatically Neil's got you. Take it to your english teacher and have it explained to you where you're wrong .
As for your opinion of Murphy , your wrong too . Often us fans don't watch players on other teams closely and underrate their players . I would think that's what your doing here. Murphy's a very good , very dominating O-lineman , I wouldn't trade him for any of your guys. And I bet Danney Barret would have him starting on your team too.

You will need to explain it to me then...there are only two finalists for the offensive lineman of the year. And Murphy represents the West.
I guess two o-linemen are big enough to be considered a "group".
Check the CFL press releases and they refer to team nominees and then finalists--different releases.

Anyway, I don't really care about the grammer, or semantics...if you want to continue that debate, I will, but who cares?
Whether or not you think the statement was crystal clear or not will never change the fact that attacking people, rather than explaining, elaborating, or clarifying is a waste of ones time.

So back to the topic.
I might indeed give you Thomas for Murphy.
Or the Big Chill because he is 40+ years old.
Even Andrew Greene given he is 38.
But I wouldn't trade either O'day or Makowsky.
And I'll wager Calgary wouldn't trade McNeil even up for Murphy either.

That doesn't mean Murphy isn't a "good" o-lineman, as you say.
Just I find his being the West finalist more than a little surprising.
And I'll repeat. I've seen him play, and while I concur that the o-line is a difficult thing to assess as a fan, Calgary's o-line is number one in the two most important statistics you can easily measure for o-linemen.
They are both the number one rushing team and they are number one in preventing sacks.
BC is last in sacks, and a distant 5th in rushing.
Dickenson hasn't seen one of his passes completed this year because he is always laying on his back at the end of the play.
And I haven't seen Murphy be all that "domineering".
I don't think Dickenson is actually all that brittle, I just think your o-line isn't all that good.
Adding Murphy this year did help.

It all adds up to the only surprise in the balloting this year.
I called all the others correct.
Maybe I'm just bitter because I missed one?
I honestly believe they chose the wrong guy. Keep in mind that the people voting really aren't all that much more knowledgable(maybe less so for some of them) than you or I. Just to prove that point, one of the local Saskatchewan media types is adamant that Damon Allan should have been the east finalist for MOP.
I would actually be surprised if many of the Lions media that voted saw as many games this year as I did....

Arius, there is nothing in your last diatribe that is worth responding to. You keep saying you need things explained to you so at least we have found one point we can agree upon.

You got in over your head and you were buried. I think we both know that.

I think they are conjoined twins, and bclions4life got all the brains....