Player Award Finalists

Well, it looks like BC should sweep the awards, with the possible exception of O-lineman (and obviuosly special teams player).

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B.C. Lions receiver Geroy Simon and Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back Charles Roberts are the finalists for the CFL's most outstanding player award

I know im biased because of the riders, but i find it hard that Fred Perry didnt get the nod for defensive player

I wonder who the 3 losers are that didnt bother to vote.

48 of 51 panel members voted.

Perry did have a good year, but Johnson had a better one...especially in the sack category.

To some people, One surprise is Murphy for best offensive lineman because BC normally allows alot of sacks. But BC offensive line may be underrated, because quarterbacks often hold onto the ball instead of throwing it away. Since BC has the best offense, Murphy just might win?

I am not surprised about Johnson getting the nod over Perry. They both had great seasons, and I hope the voting was at least close, but Johnson likely deserves it.
The big surprose so far is Murphy at o-line.
You sure that isn't a misprint?
I'll take O'day or McNeil over Murphy any day.
I guess you get points for letting your QB get sacked all the time, or having a mediocre running game...

I guess I'll call it, Simon, Johnson, Johnson, Flory, Hunt, Prefontaine.

I would trade all of those award winners for a Grey Cup any day!

Who wouldnt???

Yes Johnson had more sacks than Perry (2 more) but Perry had 24 more tackles (second most for defensive lineman), 5 more tackles for losses (first overall in the league), and batted down 9 passes, 4 more than Johnson (again first overall in the league). I would have picked Perry but the media hype has been in Johnson's corner all year. I'm not saying Johnson didn't have a great year because he did, I just think Perry was better defensively.

I agree Perry > Johnson this year.

Brent Johnson and Fred Perry both had outstanding years; I guess Johnson had a better one. I am thrilled that Aaron Hunt got recognition for his outstanding defensive play this season. He deserves to win Outstanding Rookie. Geroy - book it. Johnson as Outstanding Canadian - book it. I would select Johnson over Barrin Simpson as Defensive Player of the Year as well. Hey, I'm not being biased, but BC deserves to sweep all the awards they were nominated for. That goes for Murphy, too. I'm not sure if you guys have been watching, but he's having one hell of a season.

Hunt, Simon, Johnson, BOOK IT

You could probably fry an egg on my PVR, but it’s enabled me to watch every game this year. In my opinion, there were no bad nominations in any category and that includes best offensive lineman. While there are several other O linemen who would have been more than deserving finalists from the west, excluding Murphy from that group would have been a travesty. This guy is very good. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t been paying attention.

I agree with all of the nominations, except the nomination for Rookie of the Year from the West...

Adam Braidwood: 20 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 4 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 2 recoveries, 1 TD, 24 hits

Aaron Hunt: 14 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 9 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 0 recoveries, 2 knockdowns, 23 hits

Ah hits, another category I forgot about (thanks esks123), Perry 61-Johnson 39.

Hunt was nominated for Rookie of the Year! It's offical. He deserves it. The people who voted sure did a good job! Too bad for all of you haters, 'cause Hunt will probably win it, too! Aaron Hunt - 2006 CFL Outstanding Rookie. You deserve it, big guy. The CFL loves you.

By posting those stats, I think you just proved my point :lol:

Hunt was a difference maker on the Lions. I truly believe he was a huge part of what made our defence top 2 this year. Braidwood had a good rookie season, made a decent impact, Esks missed the playoffs.

All I can say regarding Murphy, is, BC--last in the league in sacks given up, and only a distant 5th in yards per game.
If Murphy is the best in the West, then the rest of your line should be cut....
And I have seen him play quite a bit this year and McNeil deserved it more than him. Calgary: number one rushing team in the league,; number one in sacks allowed.
And I love the logic: other o-lineman were better (more deserving) but....

As for Hunt vs. Braidwood, I picked Hunt to win rookie of the year even before any team nominees were handed out, so no surprise there.
He was the best rookie, no doubt.
The only thing Braidwood had going for him was the fact he is younger, and had no pro experience, while Hunt has had 2 pro camps behind him.
But just based on play, not age, Hunt was best.
9 sacks from the interior of the line is montrous!
But tackes are a poor measure of the play of either player.

I personally assume Perry vs. Johnson was the closest vote, and the winner will be Defensive Player of the year. So Perry is the real runner-up here.