Player Appearances

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if any of you actually got to these? I want to go to a couple this year to meet Ricky Ray, Joe Montford and AJ Gass and to maybe get a few autographs on the new jersey :lol: . If you guys have already been, can you tell me what's it like? What do they do? Do they just sit around and sign things for people? Thanks

well i got maas to sign my jersey, he brought they grey cup to my Bow club one day and he just like took photos and chatted, he was like a ordinary person their always nice so don't worry

Joe Montford was at K-days this year, my god he is the largest man i have ever seen, this guy is huge, im not small myself but he dwarfed me. anywho, i had my Gass jersey on and my esks hat, he signed my hat! now to meet AJ.. then my life is complete..