Player Announcements at Start of Game

I was wondering why the starting players aren't announced at the start of a game anymore. Maybe there isn't enough time now that the "hammer" video is played prior to the Ticats coming onto the field. Or maybe the management didn't want the fans to voice their pleasure or displeasure with certain players.

I'm sure there are a number of fans who don't know the names of the players (especially this year). Have they stopped doing this at other stadiums as well? It takes away from the game experience. The video sure doesn't get us going.

It also would have been nice to applaud for Rob Hitchock when he was announced as I'm sure Edmonton would have had him announced somehow.

I think that it was mostly because we had such a young team with no really proven stars yet. A lot of teams have gotten away from individual player intros because football is won and lost as a team not as individuals.

The team voted at the beginning of the year to be announced as a team. Each visiting team has the opportunity to pick if they want to be introduced as a team or individually