Play the CFL in Madden 09!

Hey guys!
I'm back again this year with a bigger and better CFL Madden game! I got myself a PS3 and Madden 09 the day it came out and I've been outting in my 15hr days editting and creating all the players and teams and I'm finally done! I also posted my rosters for those who want to try teir hand at editting for XBox 360, PS2 or PC. The good news is that this year, all you need to play the game is the saved files. And I have them ready to email and all you need to do is copy them to a USB memory card and plug it in your PS3! That simple! I even uploaded pixs from my camera on my website and Facebook page that I started. I've got 2 of the CFL teams that should be getting my rosters and I'm looking for ANY feedback I can. Trying to get my name around the league so I can help them create an official game soon. I've rated all the players pretty accuratly with complex math formulas, stats and combine times. Check it out and let me know what you think by email so I can send you the rosters.

Wow. Huge labour of love. Good job!!!!

Great job Marty. Can't wait to play them

Holy shiite, I don't play games and don't have any consoles but impressive I must say in the least! :thup:

Thanks guys!
Getting lots of great feedback too!
Anybody else wanna try them, just shoot me an email.

No insults

CFL cover?

Will there also be a jinx on the athlete on the cover?

If so, no Lions please! :smiley:

I've been getting some good feedback from some of you and some players, keep it coming! If anybody decides to use my rosters and put in all those hours for 360 or PC, please let me know so I can pass it around too. Share th elove of the CFL game!

How about for the WII? I unfortunately am not talented enough to do this myself so if anyone does it for the WII that would be fantastic.

Looks great Marty!

Quick question! What are you baseing your ratings of players on? Because I see you have Kevin Glenn and Kerry Joseph rated better than Ricky Ray and Anthony Calvillo... Not saying anything wrong with it, just curious..

I already sen tout 25 roster files by email to fans and players, anybody else interested?

dude this is wild, how do i put this on my ps3??? i dont get it.. hook me up with the rosters.

send me your email and I can send you the files to upload to your PS3 on a USB card. That's it!

Just wondering if these rosters would work for Madden 08 PC version cuz they didn't release a PC version of 09 :frowning:

Nope :frowning:
You'ld have to have 60hrs plus of time to edit and create them all with my roster webpage, but if you got the time... :smiley:

They should name the game Lancaster 09, like they did withy Madden

It's GREY CUP TIME!!!!!!!!!

GO ALS GO!!!!!

Okay, well I just finished my UPDATED GREY CUP rosters with all the rookies and rosters updated!
I also created a CFL Franchise with CFL teams only so you can play a decade with your favorite CFL team and create your own dynasty!
Updated some pixs on my facebook page and my website (pixs aren't loading yet though).

[url=] ... 0609116436[/url]

If you want the saved files, just shoot me an email!

If you want the files for your Grey Cup parties, just make sure you email me, at the latest, Saturday because I'll be getting amped up for the game as soon as I get up Sunday and won't have time to email you guys!
I sim'ed a season and got Montreal vs Calgary in the Super (Grey Cup) Bowl!
Montreal won by 6 :smiley:

Since my webpage isn't loading the pixs, here are the other teams:

Webpage is up and running with the pixs