Play the Alouettes "Body Fillers' Lottery"

Every year, a lot of guys (called "the body fillers") are invited to teams' training camps without a real chance of getting a job. They are there to help others practice and showcase themselves. Occasionnally, one will rise and get a job (which must be why they go in the first place).

I took a look at the Alouettes current roster. I took out all the players certain to have a job with us in 2006 (if not traded, of course). There were 23 of them. Then, I took out all those I really expect to have a job with us although its not as sure a thing as the previous ones. There were 17 of them.

That left me with 33 guys... and only 6 roster spots. Plus another 7 spots on the practice squad.

Here are the guys in each pack. The game here is to try to predict (or litterally guess) who, among those remaining will get the last jobs available.

Of course, you can disagree with my picks in the first two packs. In that case, just say so and make your moves. We'll see when the season starts who was able to guess the most picks right.

By the way, I know more guys can be added before TC, especially through the draft, but whatever, lets play with those at hand.


  • Anthony Calvillo, Anwar Stewart, Ben Cahoon, Brian Chiu, Damon Duval, Dave Mudge, Dave Stala, Davis Sanchez, Duane Butler, Ed Philion, Ezra Landry, Kelly Malveaux, Kerry Watkins, Luke Fritz, Matthieu Proulx, Mike Vilimek, Ozuma Okeke, Paul Lambert, Richard Karikari, Robert Edwards, Scott Flory, Terry Vaughn and Timothy Strickland.


  • Almondo Curry, Chris Vrantsis, Clinton Wayne, Darrell Crutchfield, Jeff Piercy, Jerrmiah Garrison, John Nix, Jonas Lewis, Marcus Brady, Mawuko Tugbenyoh, Mike Botterril, Partick Dovelus, Paul Archer, Philipp Gauthier, Ricky Bell, Sylvain Girard, Thyron Anderson.

MY REMAINING 33 (with their position)

  • D.D. Achonolu (RE), Demetris Bendross (WR), Dante Booker (DL), Avon Cobourne (HB), Chip Cox (DB), Shaun Diner (SB), Ryan Dinwiddie (QB), Harry Dunn (OL), Adam Eckert (WR), Terrence Edwards (WR), Martin Gagnon (LB), Keeyon Howard (CB), Jacobi Jones (DB), Clint Kent (DB), Eric Lapointe (HB), George Layne (FB), Christian Leibl-Cote (OL), Dedric Mathis (DB), Scott McBrien (QB), Sultan McCoulllough (HB), Marcus McGruder (DB), Ja'Dae McGuire (DL), Jonathan Molock (LB), James Noel (LB), Ell Roberson (QB), Dario Romero (DL), Skip Seagraves (OL), Ian Smart (HB), Grant Steen (LB), Bart Szarzynski (LB), Alan Weekes (DL), Thomas Withfield (DB), O'Neil Wilson (WR).

Who would you pick? (BTW, the reason why I left out Eric Lapointe is I've got the feeling the Als will ask him to retire before the season starts).

Personally I'd say Ryan Dinwiddie, Terrence Edwards, Sultan McCoullough, Grant Steen, O'Neil Wilson Christian Leibl-Cote and Dedric Mathis might get roster spots.

Adam Eckert, Shaun Diner, Ian Smart and Skip Seagraves could get practice roster jobs.

Hmmmm lets take a look at what positions were set at for sure:
starting QB
CB (probably)

Those positions are pretty much set in stone. We do need a MLB, a backup QB, probably a HB or two, a DT to replace Brown, a DE to play opposite Stewart plus backups for most positions.

For receivers I think were gonna go with o'neil wilson, terrence edwards, Demetrious Bendross, and maybe Adam Eckert. Backup RB if Lapointe retires I would say Jonas Lewis has shown enough to secure a backup spot. I would be thrilled if Roberson has developed enough to become our backup. The rest of the players I dont know well enough to judge

Mada, the Als management were high on Ell Roberson when they signed him, but as of lately, they said he has talent and is athletic, but can't seen to get our offensive system. When you haven't figured out the system after roughly two years, I'd say you're about to get the boot.

That is why I expect our three QBs to be Calvillo, Brady and Dinwiddie.

What have you heard about Dinwiddie? Im not sold on Brady I havent seen much of anything impressive come from him as of yet. Im admitedly disapointed by what theyre saying about roberson. im worried if we dont find someone that can potentially be the next starter we will end up like winnipeg when AC is gone

I'am very impressed with the Als roster, great to see we got Karikari back. Don is going to have some tough decisions to make. Grant Steen i was very impressed with his play a few years back in New England thought he got shunned because of the style defense. He will be a surprise for the Al's

Ian Smart, and Cobourne should be a good battle for the backup position. I think Lapointe is done, but my hope is he will be back.

I think time has come for the Al's to punt on Roberson, he a typical Big 12 QB fast but can't throw see (Tommie Frazier, Michael Bishop, Scott Frost, Eric Crouch, Vince Young, Jammal Lord, Seneca Wallace) need i say more.Look for a battle between Dinwiddie, and McBrien for the 3 spot. I also think there could be a late arrival from the NCAA that could be in the mix.

As for Terrence Edwards i think they are going to keep him. He is a talented player and will keep Robert happy.

Side note heading up to Montreal to watch my terrible Bruins team lose to the Habs on Saturday. Maybe i will join the dark side and where a Habs shirt. :twisted: Only a few more weeks left, somehow i think i'am going to get hammered before the game. Two things i want to see the Bruins get at least a goal on Huet, and Mike Ribiero sprawled out on the ice.