play Quinnie more

I was impressed by this guy in the Calgary game. He has the speed we need to take a kick back for six. I’d take Yeast off KR and put Quinnie back there with Holmes for the Montreal game.

I also think Quinnie should take Kamau Peterson’s starting spot at WR. We could do that, ratio-wise, if Cheron came back for the Montreal game and started on the O-Line. If Quinnie is the fastest guy on the team next to Ralph, why not play him more? He showed on that bomb from Maas in the 4th quarter that he can make plays.

He ran well. Made that nice catch too.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was his celebration after that kick return - a little long for a guy who hadn't touched a ball during a game.

Hey TC sack,

Got to agree with you re: Quinnie.
Watched him in camp and was really impressed with him. I'm certain he'll be seeing more playing time. If he goes back on the practise roster someone is going to scoop him up.

He impressed me two, nice to see a guy who can make a long reception!

I think Quinnie should see more playing time but if Ralph is the fastest on the team why isn't he a regular playing in Peterson's spot? Is his speed and ability not being fully utilized as he is not a starter when we have Vaughn and Holmes at the slots?

I completely agree that Ralph should be starting instead of Peterson. Peterson has done zip in three starts while Ralph has been consistently productive.

Consistantly offside, you mean.

Another point about Quinnie that I was impressed about was before the Stamps kicked the ball off he motioned with his hand to kick it to him, nice to see someone with confidence.

I agree with typex. He seems to have lots of speed, but a real show boat. Motioning for the kicker to kick the ball to him is just another example of this. He needs to calm down and just play the game.

I agree about Ralph but I have been impressed with Peterson's blocking. We have to rotate these receivers in depending on the situation. Let's get more creative on the "O" and keep the "D"'s guessing!

Guess I'm curious as to how it is known that Ralph is the fastest reciever on the team?

It seems that confidence is a bad thing now? Come on, if a guy is confident that is a good thing, it shows that he feels he can make the play and without that the whole team would be useless!

Confidence is performing to your highest level instilling some fear in the opposition with your play, not beating in your chest, gesturing to the opposing team's bench and generally acting like a jerk. He is a rookie in this league and has zero credibility.

See?! Already we are trying to pick apart a guy playing in his first game! I can tell you one thing, if I was in the CFL i would be the cockiest person in the whole league.

smoke thats the stupidest thing ive heard in a wile. i wish every reciver on our team was that excited and confident in there abality. when other players and fans see that they just get excited :stuck_out_tongue:

First step: beating one's chest.
Second step: popcorn.

It's a slippery slope to becoming the Argos.

There is a big difference in confidence and excitability. Many TiCat greats played with confidence. They did not finish every reception or runback acting like a lunatic. I hope Mr. Quinnie does well with the team. As I said previously, he seems to have lots of speed. Let's see some receptions in the endzone or runbacks for touchdowns before practising the dance and taunting routines. Makaveli, when you learn to spell, then you can call me stupid.

man this isnt english class you dont need to spell correctly :o

Confidence is good. I just thought he overdid it a little. Maybe he was just excited, but it wasn’t exactly warranted.

This is the type of thing that a vet could quietly explain to him though, so I believe he’s still worth a good look.

Yes you do. Please :wink: