Play Printers NOW!

I was so excited to see the next MOON in action, but was very disappointed when I found out he was not playing.

Actually, I think Moon sat too when he began his career with Edmonton. I can't remember who that qb was.

I think it was Tom Wilkinson.

Printers will get his chance. Wally is letting players heal 100%. Casey still had a bad shoulder. I think you may see him against the Argo's.

Thats what I hear to: some where in the third quarter.also there is no reason to start C.P until he is totally 100% as long as we are winning it will not happen. His turn will come and when it does watch out for B.C

???? How can you not remember the great Tom Wilkenson? He Kept Moon sitting for the first year, and shared time with him second, before handing over the team in year three.

As for Printers......was he the MVP last year...YES, because of what he did, with a great he an MVP player?? No, good teams figured him out, he is a young, great athlete, who has yet to read a defense, IF, he decides to stick it out in the CFL, and he should because no NFL team is going to look at him in the Quarterback position, he could go a long way learning how to read the field, under a guy like DD, or AC in Montreal, Allen in TO and DM in Hamilton...This guy Has the abilities to be a Moon, but he still needs to prove he can read the halfback. need to give your head a shake... or get it out of your A**.. one of the 2...

YES he is an MVP player... he proved that last year.... and i'm sure would prove it again if healthy and given the chance... he had as good a year last year as Dickensons BEST year... which was 2003... Printers had a better year last year than Ricky Ray has had... he showed us in his first year as starter what no other first year starter has in years.

This crap about teams figuring him out.... THATS CRAP... every team has figured out all the good QB's in the leauge... you don't think theres a book out there on Dickenson?... or Calvio? or Ray? or Allen?... of course there is... but just because a team knows how a QB likes to do things doesn't mean they can stop him... yes his perfomance went down in the last few games of the season... but HE HAD A TOE PROBLEM... which means decreased mobility.. which means he couldn't play at 100%... also he was looking over his shoulder cuz Dave was back and Wally wouldn't tell Casey not to worry... that he was the man for the time being... if Wally had done that i'm sure there would have been less stress on Printers... i'm sure he was worried about being pulled if he threw a pick or fumbled or something... when Dave wasn't in the picture Casey knew he was the man of the hour and let it flow.

and this can't read defences is also CRAP... over 5000 yards passing... 35 TD's... he obviously had to read a defence or 2 in there somewhere...

All the Casey nay-sayers have the same 2 or 3 lines as to "why he's no good"... but the nay-sayers fail to look at 2 things... #1 his numbers... i'm sorry.. but numbers don't lie... he had an amazing year and when you have that kind of a year... the odds of it being a fluke are 1,000,000 to 1...
The second thing they fail to look at is where he got the team... he helped them to a 13 - 5 record... second best in the league... he took them to the Grey Cup... might have even won it if he had been given any chance... if only Buono had the same length leash for Dave in the Grey Cup game that he had for Printers in those last few weeks Printers would have seen action in that game and who knows if the outcome would have been any different.

It just really picks at my a** when i hear guys going on and on about how Casey isn't that good... or is over rated or whatever.... i'm not saying he's the greatest to play the game... i'm not saying he is better than anyone else... I'm just defending his great effort last year since he's not here to do it... he is a talented QB and i hope that he gets a chance to lead a team on to Grey Cup victory... if not here then somewhere else.... and if for no other reason... just to shut the nay-sayers up.

Thats my after work rant for the day... that got some good stress out :smiley:

I honestly think Casey is injured :oops: still what ever it is I am a hugh casey Printers fan myself and connot wait to see :shock: Casey play soon, and I still am in question in our Coach Wally Buono in nnot playing Casey in the Grey Cup last year as we all know Casey printers brought us to the Big dance and who do we see dave Dickenson,that really sucked :evil: we could of won the whole thing with casey In there

I saw Casey after the Chilliwack training camp scrim and although he only threw a few plays he had to ice his shoulders pretty badly. I don't he'll be in for at least another month. We must remember that no matter how good he is, healed wounds are stiff and not as good as it were beforehand. He'll have to ease back into his groove. Once he's ready, Wally will probably do half/half like he did with Buck Pierce in the exhibition games.

Yes... Casey is injured... and not ready to play quite yet... i hope he heals up quick here... cuz the way Dickenson has been taking hits we might need Printers to step in and help us get to the Cup again... even if Dave doesn't get hurt... i'd still like to see Casey be given the chance to take the starters job from Dickenson once he's healthy... although... call me a pessimist.. but i don't think we'll get to see Casey unless Dave gets hurt.

Me neither...I think there is some politics involved too..if you have imports you better be playing them right?

Today's Van Sun quotes Casey's agent from a radio program on Mojo 730 yesterday as saying that Casey should not be in gear and practicing as he is hurt plus suggesting that the Lions aren't getting this ailment diagnosed right. Lions say it is a rotator cuff problem.

The QB debate for the moment looks academic if Casey is hurt like this.

I loved your post "Chronic Guy" . It ###### me off too that some people think ( hopefully very few) thatPrinters should sit and learn from Dickenson or that he can't read a defence. What is amazing is that he did what he did last year with little playing experience in the CFL. He was also injured for a good part of the season. It was a travesty he didn't get a chance to play in the Grey Cup after taking the team to the final dance. Casey can't read a halfback??? I'll tell you.....a healthy Printers scares opposition defences a lot more than a healthy Dickenson. And that's the bottom line!

Just think how good he could be with a couple more years of experience.

Printers is a MVP qb for sure, i have no doubt about that, but your 4-0, why rush him back in? DD is doing great, i wouldnt demand to play him now, he will get his.

true, coaches say he is still not game ready, i thought he was ready to go 2 games ago, since his injury durin the preseason, i am one fan that would like to see CP on the field throwing or runnin it, not on special teams, and just cuz we are winnin games dont mean its all DD, i mean, WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT THE DEFENSE !!!! as Chronic guy mentioned above, CP proved himself last year. and he proved it when alot of ppl in the CFL thought he wasnt any good, sure 3 bad games at the start he shook it off, and the W's were rolling in. i think history can repeat it self IF ONLY GIVEN THE CHANCE, but heres my question. why are there ppl favouring DD? just cuz hes back this season after missing most of last year... im a fan of the guy, i like DD, but you got to give the field time to the kid, hes the FUTURE of the lions. i for one DONT want to see him go NFL, and dont give me the bussiness talk or the crying about how much his contract is or is not worth, its the reason why i said F hockey, just play the game, and lets have some fun,

Right now with Dave D playing as he is there is little likelihood of fans calling for a QB change. If Dave D has the game I think he will vs the Esks tomorrow night, the team will be do fine and we will win. Not likely to be a blowout either way so I don't see how Casey can get in this one unless Dave goes down hurt and that then creates the chance for Printers.

Let's face it. If and when Casey is rocking and playing great he will get an NFL chance if for no other reason than his season last year. Dave for BC represents the long term and he is this coach's guy. In some ways, the injuries lately to Casey have taken the pressure off the coach to play him which we know Buono doesn't want to have to deal with right now.

I feel bad for Casey that this has happened this way and continue to be pissed at Buono for leaving him on the bench during the Grey Cup game last year when we weren't doing the business and the guy who got us there just sat it out. You always dance with the one who got to the dance and that game should have been NO exception but I have said that here before.

We have some great QBs here with guys in the wings that look like they could be starting now!

Well that pre-game comment by me was being typed while Dave Dickenson was getting out of bed with back spasms.

Things sure can change fast in football as they can in life. You just gotta be ready when opportunities come like it did for Casey last night. That might just have been what the Lions needed to get some time for Casey as he is a terrific QB who can't get to that high level of play of last season if he gets no real game time. He'll be a ton or two more impactful the next time he plays with this one behind him!!!

Someone told me Printers is starting for the BC - Calgary game. Can anyone confirm this, or is the guy makin’ stuff up?

its true! and by the way everblue do you or anyone have a casey printers trading card?

There is no truth to the rumor that Printers is starting against Calgary. In fact IF Dave is healthy, Dave SHOULD start against Calgary. Printers was average at best against Edmonton and Dave has been tearing it up. Wally even said in a post game interview that if Dave is healthy, Dave starts. Who would you rather have starting a rusty QB or one who has torn the league apart so far? Dave is the starter as Casey hasn't taken it away.

of course Dickenson should start if healty... but printers was "average at best" which is pretty damn good considering these 2 things... #1 he has not taken a real snap since mid november... and #2 he found out he was starting less than an hour before the game... that's not a lot of time to prepare yourself mentally...

Casey, in your words, Sucked because he only passed for just over 200 yards in the Edmonton game. Hey, you said it on another thread. I wasn't overly impressed with his performance. I don't care if it was his first game, I expect more from the much praised Hotdog.