play porter last three games

Come on the offense has been hot & cold all season…the low scoring games are usually because the defense didn’t score a couple of majors and Williams with no TD returns…it comes down to the coaching and the calls…there’s still an outside chance for the play-offs, and lets face it,anything can happen in this fun league…cheers

We need a head slapping smiley around here. This has to be one of the most innacurate posts of the season. What in the hell game were you watching? BC and Lulay set the tone for the game on the opening drive when they chewed up almost HALF of the first quarter and subsequently scored. So was the defense already tired then? The time management and game plan by BC was phenomenal. They didn't need to make big plays all game because they nickel and dimed us on very long time consuming drives the whole game. THAT IS 100% ON THE DEFENSE. McCallum only had to punt TWICE in the whole game. Burris and the offense could hardly get on the field. Then when they do they have no rhythm because they're cold from sitting on the sidelines for so long. Burris still managed a respectable 22/31 for 228 yards in only 20 minutes of possession.

BC's game plan was simple:

  1. Control the ball with long sustained drives because the Hamilton defense will allow them to do that.
  2. Thereby preventing Burris from even have a chance to get anything rolling.
  3. Cortez and Creehan will not have a counter to this so BC only needs to stick to the original game plan.
  4. Win game easily.

i say hanks the man when he starts to flounder throw quinton in it sure aint gonna hurt any. Chances are hes gone end of this year and will want to show what hes got so when oppurtunity knocks answer the door

Do you still not see the difference between disagreeing with an idea, and insulting a person?

Sure the offense has been hot and cold, but so has every other offense in the league. The defense, on the other hand, has been nothing but cold. They don't shoulder all the blame for the 5-10 record, but they take more of it than the offense. Way more, actually. The Cats have lost games where they have scored 36, 30 and 29, respectively. Scoring close to 30+ should be enough to win. Again, I'm not absolving the offense of any blame, but I think your initial comment about the "problems with the defense" are "not as bad as the offense" is 100% incorrect.

I agree with you on this.

The offence has been streaky, by no means terrific. There have been flashes of excellent performance mixed with episodes of very poor play. How much of this is attributable to inadequate talent and how much to coaching I can't venture to say.

On the other side, the defence has been very bad with few exceptions. A few weeks ago they looked terrific against Edmonton. I thought perhaps they had turned a corner. But they've regressed again. Last game it looked like the Lions could score virtually at will. It's not for nothing that our defence has given up the most points in the league.

B.C. has a good quarterback and receivers that can catch !

Yeah, no. Porter probably isn't even going to be with the Cats next season. Until you are mathematically eliminated, you play your best. Once that happens, I'm more for developing LeFevour then Porter. Porter had his chances to be starter, I'm sure he'll make a great 2nd stringer and might even become a starter somewhere (Winnipeg or Ottawa comes to mind) just not in Hamilton.

I say HB until the cats are eliminated, then give Porter a chance to see if he is worth keeping or not (though I think his ticket is purchased already). I found it interesting that our 6 man O-line couldn't stop 3 linemen from penetrating the backfield, this was pointed out clearly on TSN halftime...very sad. But they are only 2nd year what, they are pros and 2-1 odds means no one should be in the back field.

Right now the cats are going through the motions and nothing more.

Back ups have done well this season.

Three games left in the season and if they win them they are in the playoffs. So why would they play Porter? it's like saying "we give up let's get it over with" it's not as if the QB situation is the problem. It's the defense!!

8) Even if the Cats win all three of their remaining games, it does not guarantee a playoff spot for them.
 As long as Edmonton and Toronto keep winning, we are doomed.

 This team had their chance to control their own destiny in the last 2 weeks, and they failed miserably !!!

  They must now count on other teams to beat Edm. and Tor. if we are going to make it.

   The Cats winning their last 3 games, 2 of which are on the road, would make a betting man drool.    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

If porter was out starting quarterback, not only would our defence the laughing stock of the cfl but our offense would be too. He cant even handle a snap...

Sad but true.

You must have missed the 9 touchdowns he scored last year after taking the snap ...... or the 40 or so first downs he made after taking a snap.

Being "endzone cat fan" you must have witnessed those 9 TD's? Bet you even stood and cheered those 9 TD's.

Throwing the ball he was mediocre four touchdowns and four picks, we was great at the endzone when we needed him to dive in for a yard, but he has a problem getting to the one yard line, unlike burris who has thrown for near 4500 yards 35 tds and a 104.7 passer rating... but i guess we should let a guy who has no value to us when he leaves in offseason try to win out the season, when we burris on the bench and still have a chance to make the playoffs.

Porter is a perfect fit for D Macks Offence sytem, 2count pass hit and run offence. co-ordinate to his abilities and win!!

Henry Burris is the starter in his homecoming. If the Ti-cats get blown out early and Burris fails to move the team, then by all means play Porter. Porter will never become a starter by sitting on the bench as backup. All those practice sessions mean nothing. He needs consistent playing time where he will make mistakes but have the opportunity to learn. Even Burris has made his share of mistakes this year with fumbles and interceptions. It would be a shame if he isn't given a decent chance and moves on to another team. Hamilton should not make another mistake like they did with Anthony C. Give Porter a chance.