play porter last three games

we've seen what burris can do, and i'm not impressed....receivers have made him look better than he is and pad his stats...the pick six's and fumbles have killed us in several games....yeah the defensive schemes are pitifull, but the offence has to be able to keep them off the field longer....too many two and outs.....he hasn't used his legs like he did in the pre season...lets see what the two backups can do, it can't get any worse.....oh, and look at kevin glenn, rolling out and winning games..............

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Yes, at the most crucial point the season where we still have a fighting chance let's use back-ups.

Now theres a profound concept.... But then again... its mis spelled. Go figure LOL :roll: :roll: The sum total of our Ticats season. We can't even get insulting language right... :cowboy:

My sincere condolences to the guy who had the audacity to challenge "your" in depth assessment of his legitimate and I suspect innocently articulated idea.

Heck, how dare anyone challenge the qualifications of starter on a team which is imploding.???

Its like challenging the qualifications of Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic at 11.41 on 14th April 1912- For your info, Makaveli thats about time it dawned on the good captain that the iceberg was sturdier than his vessel (look it up!)

Good call smokeystover.

There are rules in this forum about personal insults of other members. They're in the forum guidelines at the top of the list of topics.

"No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Personal attacks or insults, threats, and just plain impolite posts will be removed and that user will be banned."

This isn't an english class its an online fourm, if you don't like my spelling I really don't care. If anyone you included think putting one of the leagues worst backup qb's into a must win game is a good idea then you have a lot bigger issues than just fixing peoples spelling. Don't get me wrong I agree that Burris hasn't looked the best over the last few games but to say you want Porter in is just stupid.

anyone who thinks we have a chance of making the playoffs, probably thinks they'll win the lottery's not going to happen.....hey makaveli, if you want to see an idiot, look in the mirror....last friday's game falls on the offense not the defense...just look at the time of possession and you'll know why the defense was would you know that porter is the worse backup qb, when we don't get to see him play...glenn was at least more consistent than burris...also, the crucial part of the season was the first half of the season...losing twice to winnipeg and twice to toronto fell right on burris's shoulders.....a change is necessary at qb for our future....people will not keep paying to see this crap.....

Then maybe you should care.

On the other hand, if you want to portray yourself as a functional illiterate, then do carry on.

You could have quite easily have disagreed with the poster, and set out coherently the reasons for your disagreement. This is an online forum, we're all here to debate various topics, and if we all agreed with each other it would be a pretty boring place to be.

But you didn't need to call him an "idiot" for expressing an opinion with which you disagree. He's as entitled to his opinion as you are to yours, however wrong you (and, incidentally, I as well) believe him to be.

That's some impressive tap-dancing around the point, Mak. The point is, we can disagree with another poster's opinion but not insult their intelligence or character. What's so hard to grasp about that distinction?

This stuff is also going on in the Als forum, the Bomber forum and others. If we had to post under our real name and photo, would we behave better?

This is why I disregard your posts, the things you say sound real stupid. The odds of making the playoffs are bad, we need to win and have Edmonton or Toronto lose, saying that if you look at the schedules the odds are a lot better than winning the lottery. Fridays game falls 100% on the D, they couldn't cover to save a life. We have seen Porter play, you might think he will get better with more starts (he wont) but right now he is horrible. How can the first half of the season be more important than the last half? I get that we lost games we really should of won but now if we win these games we can still make the playoffs, so these games are the most important.

Why should I care if someone likes my spelling or not? If someone is spelling every other word wrong and you have no clue what they are trying to say than I get why it would matter to people, but if you have a random word misspelled or you don't use proper punctuation people should really get over that. I don't post on here to impress anyone with my grammar or even to make friends so once again if you don't like it I really don't care.

Have the Moderators left the building????????????????????????????????????????????????

moderators left the building>?

like the operational management of this team... you were wrong to assume they were even here.. :cowboy:

ps makavelli aka mr kemp

please realise I suspect we all like some of your comments== its the getting personal part that is over the top.. and by the way...

spel aniway u whant...

its not as if this isnt anything other than reality TV in cyberspace :cowboy: .

Agreed. As long as we still have a chance to make the playoffs, we should be using our best players in an attempt to get there. At QB, that is Burris. But at the half, if it's obvious that Bad Hank has showed up (and only in that case), replace him with Porter, and if Porter isn't getting it done by the end of the third, either put Burris back in if we're still in the game (within two scores), or try LeFevour.

Once we're out of the running (and a loss by us and a win by both Toronto and Edmonton next week does that, I think), then it's time to evalualte our future QBs. Maybe we even put Burris on the "IR" and dress Stewart for those games?

Makes absolutely no sense and here's why.
1.Burris will be our starter next year and could use as much time as possible to work on the chemistry for next year.
2.Porter will likely be moving on from the team, so how exactly does it benefit us to get him more experience?
3.However slim, we still have playoff chances and we have to fight until the end.

If someone posts that AC should be benched for Adrian McPherson then everyone should be calling the guy an idiot. The Bombers are a complete different story and I think anyone could start at qb for them. As for the using my real name I tell people all the time at games and around town how bad I think Porter is and I have no problem telling them I think there an idiot if they want him to start over Burris right now.

No, calling someone an idiot is a personal insult and is against forum rules. What should happen is that those who disagree state their disagreement and give their reasons for that without insulting the other poster.

Why are you having such trouble with such a simple concept? As ploen_truth put it,

I somewhat agree with the CatsFaninOttawa but here's my take.

When a team is losing and performing badly, everyone want to point fingers. It's the offence, it's the defense, it's the coaches, it's special teams. even the wind direction is to blame at times. Who controls the game more than anyone else, I think the QB. He handles the ball more than anyone, and initiates all plays, (except special teams),therefore it follows that some of the blame, and I emphasize SOME!, has to fall on him. He is the first link in a chain of events which lead to success or failure. Just like the ball, when he hands off or passes, it's out of his hands. BUT, if he is having trouble or difficulty in doing these things, we HAVE TO go to plan B, especially when everything is on the line. Continuing to let him struggle might be OK in the early season, but not at a critical time. We all know when Henry is good, he is very good, but when he is bad, he is very bad.

So I tend to go along with the philosophy to give Henry a chance to turn things around and when he starts to falter badly, put in someone else. At this point, we have to pull out all the stops. If we go down, I would not want to think we did not use all the resources at our disposal.

There are multiple threads already started with all the info on why that is such a bad / stupid idea. The op has posted in those threads, so stating the same thing in yet another thread is pointless. When someone has 10 posts and they vary from bench Burris / Burris is horrible to fire Obie / Mitchell thats what happens.


While the defense is bad, the most instrumental player on a football team is the Quarterback. When you're 5-10, the Quarterback (among others) isn't doing a very good job.

Very well said "ticats499"...when some are talking about spelling and insults it's good to hear something that made many, and for too long, everything has been blamed on the defense...then would someone please tell me how you win games scoring 17 & 20 points in this league...there are problems with the defense but not as bad as the offense and lets all agree..."THE COACHING".

"Not as bad"? The defense has been a much bigger problem this year than the offense. The offense has had some issues here and there, but they have not been anywhere near as catastrophic as the ones on defense.

At the end of the day, whether the problem is the offense, the defense, the special teams or the coaching, it is too far along to be fixed now. This team is what it is, and that is just a bad football team.

As for playing Porter, if this was any other year, I'd be inclined to agree. But Porter is likely gone at the end of the season, so playing him will only showcase him to other teams. There is no benefit to the Tiger-Cats to play Porter the next three games. Burris will lead this team the rest of the way, whether that be another three games or another six. I'd be surprised if Porter got any playing time the next three weeks.