play one CFL game in the U.S.

lets do the same as the NFL is doing next year. put a CFL game the same day as the NFL game (say down in Florida lets of canadians down there)

I dont think we can afford to do that.

have it as an EAST WEST canadian bowl, played in june

Why do we have to compete?
The CFL is secure and not threatened by an NFL game played in Canada

I like the idea, it’s worth exploring.

we don't have an all-star game.lets promote that game and show the talent the CFL really has

Must say....Interesting idea! :cowboy:

How about don't promote a stupid all-star game. Let's promote 2 regular teams so we can actually have some competition and a watchable game.

Yes it could be called the Toilet Bowel…the CFL’s 2 worst teams battling it out…Edm & Ham…
Even that would have more entertainment than 75% of all NFL games

I don't like it, I don't think we should promote our game like that in a country we should never expand to again. I think the game should stay in Canada and be promoted throughout Canada to increase the fan base here. The CFL's major revenue is from game tickets and having a game in the states won't help that.

As for what city to chose I see a couple of candidates

Baltimore did a good job suporting their CFL team, but they now have an NFL team for competition.
The alamodome in san antonio can comfortably fit a CFL feild, so it would be a candidate too.

Also it seems like to much risk for little reward. What does the CFL gain if the game is remotely successful down there? But how do they lose if only 5000 fans show for the game. It'll give ammo to all those CFL haters in the media and the talk will be how the CFL failed again.

It sounds like a ridiculous idea to me, no disrespect.

Baltimore, never got to defend , play a game there,!

I don't think there is much point to playing a game in the States now unless it is a city that the CFL is targeting for expansion with interest shown there by someone to own a team.

The fan base in Canada is about as strong as its going to get without an influx of more NFL stars like Ricky Williams. Since CFL teams cannot afford to attract top NFL talent, the only other option is to build the fanbase in the USA. Afterall, half the CFL players are from the States, so there has got to be some fan interest there. Holding a high profile exhibition game in the US, with a big emphais on the American talent (NFL first round draft picks, Hiesman Trophy nominees and winners) would probably peak some interest. Getting on TV, like ESPN2, would be good exposure, and following-up with cable tv subscription promotion makes sense. I would propose one exhibition game in Canada, in an emerging market like Halifax or Quebec City, and one exhibition game in the US. Where? I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Waste of time and revenue. The Board of Govenors would never make that mistake.....I hope.

While a CFL game in the U.S. might be popular (drawing 17k Portland fans in '93; 20k preseason fans in Sacremento for the first U.S. franchise game and Baltimore leading the CFL in attendance averaging 40k fans in '94) it may be more beneficial to the CFL to move a reg. season game or all-star game to a neutral site in Canada rather than the U.S.

I predict the NFL game in Canada will be a big flop and an embarassment to the NFL, who will never again return to their northern neighbour. Canadian football fans are too sophisticated to sop up that anal-rententive NFL-style football like they might in Mexico, Tokyo or Frankfurt...

I think the NFL game in Canada, probably Toronto, will be successful in that there be events going on around the game that the fans will buy in to as part of the hype. But after the game, well, they'll just say that was nice but we don't really need that, and the "NFL only counts fans" will go back and immerse themselves fully into hockey and go to the games in Buffalo or Seattle. The game will amount to much ado about nothing really.

That being said, if the NFL does some sort of real partnership marketing thing with this one game where before the NFL game there is a ceremony honouring the long history of football in Canada and gives some history of football in Canada and the NFL says it is honoured to be here as guests of the CFL and Argos (if they play in Toronto) to play a game type of thing, then this could really be beneficial to all. I could see Pinner doing the opening coin toss type of thing, this would be ok and would look good.

Bad idea, If I was an owner I wouldn't let my players go to that game, especially right before a new season and risk injuries !