Can someone please remind me how the play-offs work thanks.

first seed in each division gets a bye into their respect conference's "final" games, whereby they play one game at home against the winner of 2 versus 3 in their division.

So if the West finishes up

  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan

Round 1 would be Calgary @ Edmonton
Round 2 would be the winner of Round 1 @ BC

Same goes for the East, and the winner of the Division Finals plays eachother in the Grey Cup.

First place team in each division gets a bye
2nd place plays 3rd and the winner plays the first place team
The winner in each division goes on to the Grey Cup.

If however the 4th place team in one division has a better recordd that the 3 place team in the other, the 4th place team will cross over to the other division and play the second place team of that division