James Cotton just made the play of the year...Stopping Bishop on the goal line......

I know ham fans are desperate for some kind of hope, but really, play of the yr? Not quite. Damn fine play, youbet.

wait, I got it, you doing your best danny merrycherry impression..right??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you think of a better play,3rd and goal and they stuff him at the goal line.I cant remember anything......

There haven't been a lot of plays we have made this year that could be nominated for "play of the year." But I'm sure we'll look back on Cotton keeping Bishop from making it to the end zone on 3rd and 1 as something of a highlight.

Cotton took one for the team then, and it turned out that the defnce did not surrender a single touchdown that game. But it's hard to get excited about moral victories now. Also, Damon Allen had a game he'd rather forget on a day he was supposed to remember.

Did you mean Ticat Play of the YR???

Probably. I'm quite sure he wasn't saying it was the CFL's play of the year.


yes T.C. play of the year.The problem is it will be forgotten because we lost..thanks to the unability of Maas to run a 2 minute offence.16seconds left you dont throw the ball 5yds to the middle of the field..

Anyways I still say that was our play of the year win or lose....

Dude, this is the Ticats forum. What else would he have meant?

I'm sure you guys with your fancy "wins" and "deep passes" and "touchdowns" and "excitement" have lots to talk about. The odd defensive stop is all we've got here.

Ya!!!!!!!!! I agree ExPat.sometimes you have to explain things to people.

Last play of the first half when Calgary was in town is a close second, both times good goal line defense.

Shouldn't Bishop feel a little humiliated at the way the Argos are using him this year? He came all the way up, mid-season, just to run QB sneaks.

("No really, we think you're a great quarterback ... hey, what are you doing ... STOP ... don't even THINK about throwing that ball!")

The year is not over.

On the other hand, Cotton certainly highlighted where we have a really great defence. If these guys are left on the field too long, then eventually, the inevitable opponent TD scores will happen and thats just a fact of football...

Oops, my mistake, they didn't allow a TD today, did they? And most scores on Labour Day weren't with the D on the field..playing with a lot of guys hurt, against a pretty da*n good offense led by the redoubtable Damon, my thought was they really shone, and I should take back some of my anti-Kavis thoughts and comments.

Even the broadcasters are admitting that Maass has been injured, probably in Tabby training camp, and the fans are ruthlessly in denial.

We need a replacement like Travis Claridge for Powell, aka "Pilon", so the running game works on both sides of the field.

If you want a trade that will work to create an opening, trade Ranek; I am more than pleased with Holmes; if this was a contest, then Josh has lost.

But as we are undoubtably sitting out the playoffs, give Eakin the start, and let him show us what he has or does not have, and we can learn if he is ever going to be more than a project.

And whenever Hill gets healthy enough to play, lets drop Mr Butterfingers Quinnie. Its time to face the reality that he does not hold onto the ball well, and has not shown any sort of runbacks.

but Pilon plays on the d-line.

oh wait.....

I agree that was a great play. Being a fan of defence, I will remember that for a long time. However there was this one catch that Brock Ralph made while lying on his back that gets my nomination for play of the year.

That was a great play but my vote goes to the shovel pass interception. That was classic and a good metaphor for the season.

every team has a forum, but people dont just talk about thier team on their forum. To assume he meant only ticat is not logical. When people talk about play of the yr like that, they do not usually mean for just one team unless they state it so.

If this was a normal seaon that play on the goal-line would have been just another play.that was a game winning play under different circumstances.

Ticats Play of the Year will be when they get their bye.

Right on. I don't know that I'v seen a better one this year. :rockin:

Hell has officially frozen over, I agree with Tood King on something I couldnt resist. I was with my friend (an Esks fan) and you'd have thought we won the GC on that play. Unbelievable!! The Argo fans around us were so confident, when Bishop came around the corner they started to cheer and then stopped dead. IT was classic.

We also made the same point about how Bishop must be feeling about the way he's being used.