Play of the Year - Tasker

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I'm In!!

Riders will win this again.

As I said in Speedy's voting thread, the "catch" was the best I've seen from anyone not playing with 2 busted ribs as in "the catch". "The catch" was the best I have ever seen from both a physical and emotional context.

I hope Luke can use "the force" in eight days to build on Champion's legacy.


not many rider fans voted for their guy yesterday. It was a great opportunity for ticat fans to blitz voting and take him out. Surprised it didn't happen.

2 riders on the other side of the bracket. They'll ensure the riders win.

I happened to see the Tasker vs Elliott voting on TSN and went in to check to find that Luke had over 99%!!!!!! Then I realized that voting had only been open for a few minutes. Poor Elliott though only had one vote to Luke's 200 or so. Felt sorry for the guy so gave him a sympathy vote AFTER tossing a few Luke's way of course!

It's 5000 to 200 now

There's no way that Luke should lose this one...I mean, just look a the talent used to make the catch. Elliott caught the ball and fell down in the process. Tasker caught the ball over his damn shoulder. No contest on this one. Even Argo fans can't argue this one.

Time to vote for Tasker again vs Greenies Ryan Smith. Right now Luke is WAY behind. Couldn't find a link on the TSN site either :roll: Here it is but I don't know it I have it linked properly.

rider fans starting to run away with it. time for ticat fans to get going and give it everything. don't surrender, go crazy, get everyone you know on board, even if they are not ticat fans. stay up all night. its doable.

Sounds like you are on board. I’ve been voting but it doesn’t look like anyone else is! Come on Ticats fans!!!

Gave 'er 30 but I've got to get back to work :expressionless:

8) I just spent 40 minutes voting, until I nodded off :lol:
  We need to have at least 5 people on at once, constantly voting.

   Those old farmers in Regina just keep at it at a frantic pace....but what else do they have to do out there    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 
    Winning this contest will be their only claim to fame this year !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Did another 25 on a break. Back to work again.

cmon, all it takes is for 250 people to do 50 votes each to put tasker ahead. Sask voters quiet right now. take advantage.

I was just going to post something similar. I just took a little break from voting but have been at it pretty steadily since I first saw that the voting was up. Most of the time it looked like I was the only one voting. LET'S GO TICATS FANS!!!!

tasker gaining some ground. bring it on ticat fans, bring it on

Why does it still look like I'm the only one voting? Count doesn't change until I vote again - but yet Luke is gaining ground and the votes for Smith have not changed all evening! Not that I'm complaining. This one is a three day marathon.

refresh your page. I have noticed that when I leave the page open for a time, then go back to it and start voting, not only do I feel like I am the only one voting, but all my votes don't count. When I really was the only one voting in other ones, after I closed the tab and then opening it, all my last hrs votes were gone