Play of the Year Showdown

I'm not bias. I gotta give the nod to S.J. Green. Sickest catch I've seen in my life.

Ditto. If he doesn't win I'd be shocked.
That catch was pure stupid. Won't find a better catch anywhere this season.

I am sure that Rider fans will have something to say about that.. :lol:

I'd really like to vote for "Our man Arland", but S.J.'s catch was pretty phenomenal. Dang!

Of these choices the Green catch would definitely be the winner. I am surprised there is such a limited selection. I think there were a few Weston Dressler grabs that could have made the short list.

Remakable catch by Green although I believe it should have been ruled no catch as he IMO comes down out of bounds.

Then you need to buy a bigger/HD television.

I was sitting in the end zone seats and had a birds eye view of that catch - it was definitely an in bounds catch.

Bruce has the better play !! :thup: :rockin:

I don't know... The SJ Green catch is nice, but so is the Durie catch and the Chad Owens play. The only one I wasn't impressed with was the Arland Bruce catch. It looked like he broke a lot of tackles, but honestly, to me, it looked like piss poor tackling by Sask. :lol:

I would still say that from the replay I would have ruled him out of bounds.

S.J. Green gets my vote, best catch i’ve ever seen.

This is only pool A, so we'll see some more I'm sure. I hope the Argos statue of liberty play makes it in. That was just great.

The Arland Bruce catch and run was the best play out of the bunch by a single player. Bruce made that play by himself by ducking and dodging through and around a plethora of Riders. The other three plays were catch and done. All of them were great, and I'm not trying to discount any of them, but Bruce's was the best one-man play.

That said, I still voted for Green. That catch was ridiculous and was 100% caught in bounds. How people can dispute that is beyond my comprehension.

Every time I watch that catch I keep hoping it will be conclusive, but it never is. I originally felt he was out of bounds but recently it looks to me as if he got his legs down in bounds. Either way it's an amazing catch, and I'm glad he got credit for it for that reason. I didn't see the play live -- was it reviewed?

Yes, it was reviewed. If you look, his elbow hits in bounds. It was a catch, no doubt.

I guess I need to see it in slo-mo or super slo-mo. Even now, watching it four times from four angles, I am not seeing the elbow come down in bounds.

I just watch it again, if you can see and elbow hit in bounds you have better eyes than me. It still looks to me like he lands on the white and his knee then touches inbounds which should be no catch. Nonetheless it was a great (non)catch regardless and I think that if the call on the field was out of bounds it would have stood as well. Still I don't know how anyone can say it is definately a catch.

freeze at 1:31

the elbow is in bounds.

It's a catch.

It didn't take slo-mo or super slo-mo. It took a 44" HDTV and the replay that TSN showed.

I can say definitively because it's a catch. It looked like a catch when I saw it Canada Day night, it looked like a catch when I saw it replayed 3,831 times since then and it looked like a catch when I watched it again today. I have never once doubted that he got his elbow in bounds, except when it happened in real time. It looks pretty obvious to me that the elbow hits in bounds and then he goes out of bounds. I don't know what to say, but since Canada Day I have thought it was a catch.