Play of the Year by Stokes

This guy just made a sensational catch and run. It was simply a beauty to watch and may just be the play of the year.

It was simply unreal.

what play

Great effort on the part of Mr. Stokes, I think he just locked up that starting spot in the receiving core.

dragging guys into the end -zone for the TD......Stokes kinda reminded me on that play of a little guy that used to play for the Bombers...Mack Herron....what drive this guy has once he gets a step on ya'

and the best part of it.. was that I saw this amazing play by Mr.Stokes that game. God, I love this guy. Keep it up brother. You played awesome! Props to everyone else. Keep it up guys! GO BLUEBOMBERS!

that was an awesome play... i thought he was down at the 10 yardline... but some how he made it into the endzone dragging a bunch of other guys with him! awesome stokes!

I was surprised because Stokes is so small and doesn't look strong enough to cary a bunch of DBs/Safeties into the endzone.

at 5'8" and 180 he packs a punch just like Roberts. I thought he was down too when I was standing, clapping but just seeing him push his way into the end-zone was crazy. Good JOB Stokes! :smiley:

what play are you guys talking about

you gotta give a little credit to jamie stoddard. you can see him shoving the pile into the endzone in highlights. stokes wouldn't of made it without stoddard

As the third quarter was coming to a close the Bombers were not finished yet. Keith Stokes scored an amazing 68 yard touchdown on a great second and third effort as he dragged a couple of Ti-Cats into the end zone to make the score 35-7 after three quarters. That big play by Mr.Stokes.

Don't get me wrong, Stokes played great but most people, other than wigman...seemed to miss the Rugby Scrum push for the final 5 yards by Stoddard as well as the great blocks thrown so he could get loose. Stokes did most of the work but that played just showed the heart the Offense FINALLY is playing with.