Play of the week?

The fan choice play of the week isn't that great of a play. Just a play action, then a lob to a DL who still almost drops it. Just goes to show that there are more rider fans than there are CFL fans. :cowboy:

yup, long live Rider Fans! :lol:

What's it like being a Rider fan? Must be nice selling out games all the time. Cat's can never seem to do that, nobody in this city wants to pay for tickets because they're scared that they're going to see the old Ticats of 3-15. Wish I could go to a Rider's game, maybe I will someday. :smiley:

I only wanted to go to 2-3 games this year. to do that, I had to buy season tickets, because getting anything more than singles outside of the temporary bleachers, it is virtually impossible to get a pair or more tickets together in the stadium by buying single game tickets. Those that did accomplish this spend about 3 days on the phone on hold back in June.

hmm i thought fred stamps' last second TD might have topped it

Nope, it was Ryan Phillip's TD.

I agree, Ryan's pick for TD has got to be the Play of the Week.

Keith Shologan's TD reception was a great sight. Of course it wasn't a fantastic play but it was a real feel good moment. And i'm saying this being a Ti-Cats fan! :lol:

Moments like that are what sports are all about.