Play of the season = Ottawa's on-side kick TD.

8) Got to hand it to the Roughriders (oops) RedBlacks for converting their on-side punt attempt into a touchdown.

Only in the CFL and why the CFL is more creative and more fun to watch than the NFL. Well done Ottawa coaches and players. :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

CFL RULES!!! :cowboy:


CFL rules because of the CFL rules. :smiley:

naahhh. CFL Rules because I Say So

So Burris has played 2 games in Ottawa. He has 0 touchdowns… Demarco has passed for a TD and also kicked one… Burris really is an underachiever. His whole career has been one choke after another. The fans in Ottawa only want to see competive football, they don’t even care if they win. Burris can’t even deliver that

I like it! :thup:

It would be nice to see more Canadian Football and less American theory. :thup:

there have been some pretty interesting plays this year...but that one definitely stands out. Can't believe that a team wouldn't be ready for it as the R-Bs have tried it multiple times already.

I'd love to see them crack out a drop kick

Or maybe a quick kick on second down.

yeah, that would be...the last drop kick i saw footage of was from I believe Kent Austin in 1990. It wasn't for a fg, but a play to make a live ball...I saw it a few years back. Is valid in most leagues, I often saw it in practice, but never experienced it in action

looking for it quick, i found this lil vid...kinda cool

The only drop kick I have ever seen was Doug Flutie for a single point for the Patriots in 2006.

I couldn't believe my eyes when Ottawa pulled off the quick kick, and nobody around me at the time appreciated the significance. Great play perfectly executed.

See?? Remember when we were talking about who would score Ottawa's first-ever home touchdown and I told you guys "Dobson Collins on an onside punt recovery, but probably not until the second home game. Mark it down."

You guys really should listen to me more. 8)