Play Creativity / Wildcat

With our struggling offence and a young core both QB and Wr that are new to one and other wouldn’t this help our offence.
We have 2 scat backs in Smith and Caulley.
Would it not be good to use some HB screens? We never use the screens, also we could use it with a Reciever because what i saw of Chris Davis I think his name was, he was very elusive in the open field.

2ndly, with the new rules this year obviously everyone knows that the wildcat is in effect. Well seeing how as I am a Miami Dolphins fan i had to start this one boys.

Watch this video and think of black and Yellow executing it.

Porter - can run and throw
Caulley + Tre - Can both take the snap and run out of a gun ( because thats the only run formation we use)
P Rod + Bauman + Chris - All are quick recievers that can catch and run with the ball ie: reverses
Watch this video and you’ll see Miami has 2 great running backs ( Ricky, Ronnie) we have Tre and Caulley.

Dolphins had a new QB ( Pennington) with young recievers ( Ginn) and they made it work
And i think we can to, with the end amount of options it is very had to stop.
Then when we think the defence figures it out a bit we add in a new demention

Ok, so Porter lines up far right side as a WR, Caulley takes snap, Tre motions to the right, Caulley hands the ball to Tre, at the same time Porter runs in looking like a screen, Tre give it to him. Meanwhile P-Rod is running downfield and we chuck it up, think of P-Rod’s ability to jump. It will look like this…

Some of you guys might think this could never work and thisw as a stupid thread, but think what have we got to lose? Were struggling now and IMO Porter needs to stay and get his reps. This could only build his confidence up…
Rememeber before the wildcat, Miami 1-15 season, Hamilton 3-13
Miami with it…10-6, Which leads me to believe if we find sucess with this formation it could really work.

You also have to remember the first time Miami used this was agaainst the Pats good Defence and the stats go as is…
Brown 17 carries for 113 yards and a pass for a touchdown to go along with his four rushing scores. Ricky Williams had 98 yards on the ground on 16 carries. Both Miami’s running backs averaged over 6 yards an attempt. Pennington had a good game himself, going 17 of 20 passing for 226 yards.

Both backs can be involved and if we use it right we can confuse the defence alot.

Also, maybe we can ty a Flea Flicker with P-Rod and use his height and hops.

Anyways, Thanks for reading boys,
Go Cats.
We need a win in BC for Sure!

I agree our offence shows very little creativity.

But a BIG no to the wildcat.

Yea to the buzz

I would love to see some razzle dazzle, but I'm skeptical about the track record of Bellefeuille and Gibson to deliver that on a regular basis, frankly. It will be more of the run-and-poopshoot**, I'm afraid.

** Note - It was that or the "Spread and Dump It" -- I thought I would give the run-and-shoot some props... LMAO

If we can execute it better, we can be more competitive. Just don't expect the offensive playbook and game planning week to week to have much of a confusion quotient for an opponent. I hope I can be proven wrong in the weeks ahead.

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope I can be proven wrong in the weeks ahead.
A Tiger doesn't CHANGE its' STRIPES ... I wouldn't HOLD your breath waiting for any changes.

Which pretty much makes ANY talk of WILDCAT OFFENSE moot. Even though it would be FUN, and EXCITING to watch , and maybe even SUCCESSFUL ...

To those who ATTEND PRACTICE ... any observations to the CONTRARY ?